Remedies to Eliminate Grey Hair

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Grey hair at an early age can have various causes, such as vitiligo, vitamin B deficiency, thyroid imbalance, constant and extreme stress, alopecia areata, bad diet, etc. but its greatest trigger is genetics, causing the premature death of pigment-producing cells in hair follicles.

Even if we are on a good diet it does not necessarily mean you will be immune to gray hair. As mentioned if it is heredity then your best bet is to use a very good shampoo that will treat the hair and keep it in good condition. Some Shampoos are designed specifically for the treatment of gray hair and contain things like Omega 3's such as Emu oil.

Massage the scalp with warm almond or olive oil. Take half cup of clean water and two egg yolks, beat egg yolks in a cup of water. Use it as a massage on the scalp and hair for 5-10 minutes. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse hair with Luke warm water. After this again rinse with a paste of water and apple cider vinegar.

One of the most disturbing signs of aging is the appearance of gray hair. Many have been doing everything to stop this. Most of them use hair color to cover it. However, this has been changing because of the emergence of herbal anti-aging supplements. Some of these herbal anti-aging supplements have been very effective in treating grey hair permanently.

Therefore, the only option for treating grey hair that seems to deliver guaranteed results is camouflage. Women use various types of permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair dyes but men usually prefer a subtle and less noticeable change in their hair colour that does not cover all their grey hair. Such products are usually called progressive hair colorants.

Take ½ liter of water in a bowl and boil it hot. Then add two teaspoonfuls of sage (chia) to it. It is better if you also add a little rosemary in the mixture. After boiling the mixture, allow it to get cooled. Then use a colander to drain out the water. Apply the mixture to your hair. You will notice that slowly your hair is turning from grey to black. This is one of the easiest ways to eliminate grey hair.

Mix these three ingredients in a spray bottle and apply to scalp after washing and conditioning. The ingredients seem to have an effect on the blood circulation of the skin on your scalp (which contains the hair bulb- growth part of hair); which is essential in bringing nutrients to the hair bulb to allow quicker growth. It has quite a pleasant orange blossom fragrance as well!

To avoid hair loss and have good healthy hair, a good nutritional diet is needed. This diet needs to be rich in organic whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds which are a rich source of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair roots and the protein keratin.

Mix 2-5 drops of rosemary essential oil with 1 teaspoon of sweet almond or olive oil, blend them well. Now apply the mixed oil on your dampened hair and massage the scalp gently. Wrap your head in a hot towel and wait for about 45 minutes so that it deeply conditions your hair. Rinse off with cold water.

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