Remedies For Nail Biting

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Here is some information on nail biting you may not have known, as well as some hints on what you can do to break this irritating habit.

Nail biting is a compulsion that may start in childhood. More males than females bite their nails and this habit seems to occur most frequently during the teen years. Some nail biters have been able to stop on their own by the time they reach adulthood. For others, the habit continues for years and can be really annoying.

Nail biting is something that people do when they are bored, when they are feeling stressed out, and even when they are not even thinking about it. It can cause embarrassment or shame because of the appearance of the stubby nails. The fingertips are reddened and sensitive to touch. Even more importantly nail biting is unhygienic, as bacteria and dirt get transferred back and forth from the mouth to the nails. This can eventually lead to skin infections, gum disease, stomach problems, and even chipped teeth.

Attempting to quit the habit can take on a variety of forms. Some nail biters have successfully used creams and ointments that are applied to the fingertips and are extremely bitter tasting. If the person attempts to bite his nails unconsciously out of habit, he is immediately reminded not to do so because of the foul taste of the ointment. There are also fitted mouth guards available for people who bite their nails while sleeping.

Some nail biters focus on keeping their hands looking as nice as possible, with investments in weekly or monthly manicures. The nails look wonderful with fresh polish on at all times, and the monetary investment for the manicures may be enough to deter the nail biting habit. The benefit of having beautifully manicured nails at all times is a helpful incentive to stop the nail biting habit.

Other nail biters simply attempt to keep the mouth busy with sugar free candies or chewing gum. The only side effect of this treatment is a pleasant one, fresh minty breath. Keeping the mints or gum easily available at all times is necessary, in places like the desk, in coat pockets, in the car, and in the purse.

Some nail biters have undergone hypnosis or even short term behavior modification therapy to help them quit the habit. This can be an expensive way to treat the problem, however. Hypnosis can be done with downloadable mp3s, CDs, or one on one with a hypnotherapist.

While most people who began nail biting as kids are able to eventually grow out of the habit, for many people, nail biting continues for years or even decades into adulthood. When you take into account all the untoward side effects of the habit, it makes good sense for people to try to stop their habit. Fortunately there are several different alternatives to treat the problem, some simple and very straightforward and some more complicated and expensive. The length of time and severity of your nail biting habit will help you to choose which option is right for you.

It's important to know that everyone can quit the nail biting habit and have nice looking nails to enjoy.

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