Release of Tron Legacy

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Tron Legacy is coming out. It's likely that we all know it and most of us probably remember there was an initial Tron movie. Many have probably heard about it, and it even now has somewhat of a cult following, but I couldn't say I've met many 12 year olds or even 16 year olds that can rant about how much they treasured Tron. The simple fact is Tron Legacy is going to be everything the original was as far as the plot goes, and infinitely more as far as graphics go. We all know that Avatar was a boulder thrown into the river of cinematic history and Tron Legacy is going to be considered one of its many ripples showing how far we've pushed graphic design.
The original Tron was regarded innovative in terms of graphics and Tron Legacy will definitely be distinguished as being similarly revolutionary. The term legacy in the heading of Tron Legacy is undoubtedly intended to relate to its extension of the plot, but will equally apply to the ongoing dedication to remarkable graphics that escape the visual excitement and natural beauty we view in the real world. In a word, it will be thrilling.

The original Tron took advantage of all the technologies accessible to it to generate both amazing graphics, and a film centered around a perfect scenario for fabulous graphics. Tron Legacy, like its precursor, is an action film centered in a world that defies description in its spectacular angular, illuminated, yet simple elegance. What better circumstance might there be than a literally digitized world for video gaming wherein users have god-like power. The initial story was about Kevin Flynn battling through a sequence of programs to acquire both justice and freedom and Tron Legacy will be a tale where a son fights for his own freedom from both the same world and his dad.
Really they are both pretty uncomplicated story lines, but I can't say I want an action movie to be too elaborate. Tron Legacy seems like it's going to be far less complicated than the first Tron, but in a good way. While I can not deny that Avatar was considered one of the most breathtaking films I have seen, I actually felt the story was a bit too contrived. Tron legacy seems like one of many future movies that's going to tone down the focus on intricacy and I think this will actually be a wonderful improvement.

Nobody can deny that Avatar carries without doubt started a craze that will move the foundations of cinema, but I honestly feel Tron Legacy will be on par with it, even though others might not admit it. People should not take movies as seriously as many took Avatar, especially action movies, and Tron Legacy will be movie geared toward an audience who want to bring more innocence toward their cinematic experiences. Tron Legacy will be an action packed thrill ride with high speed chases and explosions galore, but I simply cannot picture that there'll be any need for debate or dispute with Tron Legacy and the future of cinema
All I know is you are going to see me in the front seats at the premiere of Tron Legacy. You've heard me say the reason. It's gonna look superb, and I bet it's going to be worth watching. It will literally follow in the legacy of the original Tron with a suitable plot line branching off of the original movie. Anybody can tell Tron Legacy is going to be a fantastic movie just from the trailer, and just about anyone would guess that it's going to be well-liked for a long time.

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