Relaxation and Meditation Music by Gulan

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In this traumatic world where each moment is speeding up by, one excellent method to get entertainment is music. Yoga is excellent and mediation is yet superior, however meditation music is the finest. You can be on the go, until now listen to some calming tunes that touch your heart and encourage your senses. Yoga and meditation need time and space, but music can take pleasure in at anytime, anyplace, even while doing work.

And if it's Gulan music, your complete time can get changed into a spiritual odyssey. Gulan is a famous musician of electronic music, which is too recognized as ambient music, space music, or new age music. This is combination music, which go through the senses of the listener and stimulate his inmost feelings. Because of its peaceful nature, this music is time and again played as background music in centers teaching yoga and meditation. As the tunes strike your ears, it makes a vibration that's out-of-the-world. You discover yourself peaceful, with improved your mental power and focus. Yoga mutual with healing music by Gulan is the wonderful food for the mind.

"Spirit of The Sound"

Ah! This album is a voyage into your realization! An incredible unify of meditative, therapeutic, and ambient music, Gulan has created an outstanding "mind tool" for people who put into practice meditation and spiritualism.

The album consists of four tracks. Each one is different stages that show the approach the mind into the thoughtful condition and keeps it there.
The four tracks are:

* "Transcendentia" - it triggers attentiveness
* "Spirit of the Sound" - it brings relaxation, and makes you travel deep into your internal space
* "Awakening" - it cleanse the mind, and encourage self realization
* "Altai 2" - this is the end stage. It drag you out of your thoughtful state and maintains balance of mind attained throughout the earlier stages

The exclusivity of this album is that there is no crest or go down in the music. It's soft, tranquil, and flows at the similar level, piercing into the inmost corners of your perception.


This another time is an outstanding attempt By Gulan to generate recreation music for the divine souls. The album consists of four tracks:

* "Aqua 1"
* "Aqua 2"
* "Sphere 3"
* "Antigravitation"
* "Sphere2"

Each track helps you unearth your innermost feelings and seeks divine peace. You begin to question your purpose of life on earth. Is rushing to the office, toiling hard on the job you hate, and returning home with the world's frustration bottled up in your mind, your life's purpose? Somewhere, amidst the chaos of life, your real self gets lost. This is when healing music comes to the rescue.

The most excellent results of Gulan music can be attained by sitting or lying in a tranquil pose. But, that doesn't mean you cannot pay attention to it when on your toes. Listen in to Gulan and feel the vibes of cosmic energy make active your brain and pacify your senses. This is music for the core!

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