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You may have already known that laser is widely used in medical cosmetology. The use of laser is far more than we can imagine. For example, there are reports suggest that laser stretch mark removal therapy has been effective even in moderate to severe cases of stretch marks reducing them by almost 30 to 40%. Laser therapy is advantageous in multiple ways, some of which are listed below:

The process and some products have been approved by USFDA as safe and effective with very little side effects that usually disappear in a few days.
Secondly, laser ( therapy treatment induces the formation of elastic and collagen fibers in the affected area. Presence of these two proteins is extremely essential as they help in the repair and growth of damaged skin. Through laser stretch mark removal therapy, the skin regains its lost elasticity.

"Low-light" laser treatment not only works effectively on old stretch marks but also is very effective in removing immature scarring. Immature marks are usually slightly inflamed and reddish in appearance. If they are treated early, it prevents them from deepening.

In many instances, the entire procedure can be performed at-home itself. Numerous hand-held laser cosmetic devices are now available in the market. These devices are provided to customers along with an easy-to-use instruction manual. However, it is extremely important to get laser treatment under the supervision of an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon to achieve best results.

There are many online sources for today's most effective stretch marks creams treatments, creams, and techniques for removal, prevention and care.

Find up-to-date research on getting rid of stretch marks and scars from pregnancy, weight gain or loss, body building and weight lifting, and from surgical procedures. You can prevent and avoid marking and striations with the most effective stretch marks laser treatment.

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