Refresh Your Database With The Phruit’s Refresh Services

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You need to cleanse your business or customer database regularly by removing unwanted, irrelevant and false data and information. If you are sending out emails or direct mails to your prospects and the addresses provided are no longer accurate, it will result in a loss for your company. You may hire data cleansing services from several companies offering call centre services to make sure that your database contains all accurate information.

Business owners who have businesses based in the UK can hire the services of Phruit Limited. This company offers very high quality call centre services and is located in Nottinghamshire. The company is known for its exceptional service that it delivers its clients within a specified time and through the use of cost effective methods.

Refresh – Learn about it

Phruit Limited has brought for you Refresh, the data cleansing service which helps you have an accurate and updated customer and business database for helping you maintain the integrity of your business and consumer data. The system works by performing an audit of your data without any charges, making it possible for you to select the best data cleansing process that can be applied to your files.

The Refresh service cleans up your consumer and business data fast and securely. You can use a wide range of Phruit services as well as leading data sources for improving the quality, accuracy and updating your data.

Refresh Clean is a service that is responsible for cleaning and updating all the names, addresses as well as telephone numbers to make sure that communications are correct and personalised, so that whatever is communicated reaches their intended recipients.

Refresh Validate ensures that all the business and individual contact details are the very recent ones and accurate. This ensures that the direct mail is deliverable.

The service Refresh Suppress finds the individuals and businesses who are not interested in responding to your communications. This may be due to several reasons such as absence, preference services registration, or bereavement. This service helps in reducing consumer annoyance and also decreases the wastage costs.

Refresh Enhance service makes use of extra information for ensuring that appropriate offers are aimed at specific individuals.

Refresh Match service can identify the duplicate records accurately and reduce wastage and consumer annoyance considerably. The duplicate records are identified in a single file among several files or against your in-house ‘do not contact’ file.

Are you still not sure about Refresh? Know the benefits

Refresh service from Phruit Limited does not let you lose the freshness of your business and consumer database. No matter what changes might have occurred in the consumer or business data, this service can help you keep track of all the changes. This gets rid of all the chances for negative impact on the marketing response rates, consumer perception and campaign costs.

Other advantages include reduction of costs, improved efficiency and reduction of risks. The service also ensures that all communications are in harmony with the latest regulations that govern the business and consumer communications.

Phruit Limited offers its call centre services to businesses based in the UK. This company is known for its exceptional service offered within a deadline and using cost effective means.

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