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If you keep your company’s or business’ consumer and business database as it is for a long time and make no attempts to clean, update and correct the data in it, you can be sure that your business will incur losses. It is essential to have the accurate information on the consumers’ and business’ names and contact details, so that what is communicated will be delivered to the intended recipients.

If your database is showing the name and address of a person who has deceased, you may send a direct mail to the person if the database is not updated, resulting in damage to the costs of the company. It is also possible that you could send direct mails to people who no longer live where they used to and to businesses which have moved from their previous location. It is necessary to keep the consumer and business database updated from time to time so that there is no possibility of miscommunications.

For maintaining the database, you need to check if all the names and contact details present in the list are accurate and updated. Your database should also be cleaned regularly, removing the names of people who are deceased or who are not responding or are unable to respond to your communications. Data Cleansing is a very serious issue as the success of your business depends on it. You may find it complicated to clean and update your company database with the correct information yourself.

If you have a business or company in the UK or offshore, you can seek the Data Cleansing services of Phruit Limited. This company is located in Nottinghamshire and offers effective solutions for all business problems.

Data Cleansing from Phuit

Phruit Limited has named its Data Cleansing service Refresh. This service has been designed perfectly for sustaining the fresh feel of your consumer and business database. If you are opting for the Refresh service, you can gain higher marketing response rates, positive consumer perception and also low costs engaged in campaigning.

For enhancing the efficiency of your business, Phruit has planned its Refresh service really well. This service helps in decreasing the costs as well as the risks engaged. This particular service also ensures that all the communications made are in accordance with the recent regulations that govern the consumer and business communications.

Refresh – how it functions

Refresh Clean helps in cleaning and updating the names, contact addresses and telephone numbers of the communications in the database.

Refresh Validate is responsible for making sure that all the contact details of the businesses and consumers are accurate and at the same time present. You can be sure that your direct mails will reach the right people.

Refresh Suppress helps you to know the individuals who are unable to or are not interested in responding to your messages and communications.

Refresh Match is the service that lets you identify the duplicate records accurately. This reduces consumer annoyance and also the wastage costs.

Refresh Enhance uses the additional information for making sure that the right offers are aimed at the intended individuals and businesses only.

Phruit Limited is a reputed Call Centre provider in Nottinghamshire offering its exceptional business solutions to businesses that are based in the UK and offshore.

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