Reflections on “wives and lovers”

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The book was written by English writer Jane Elizabeth Varley. “This is an elegant, romantic and fascinating book,” said a famous writer Jenny Virgin hereby.
When I first saw the title, I thought it would be a story simply about a man and wife. Whereas, it is not and deeply surprises me. chinese tea set
It is about the lives and the fates of three sisters.
The oldest one is called Victoria; she has been married many years and has a daughter and a son. Her husband David is a successful lawyer and he strives to get a position in government. Superficially, the life seems perfect. And also she is content with it. However, there are uneasiness and upset hidden in their marriage. They two don’t communicate with each other; they never agree a deal after a quarrel;even, they don’t have a sex pleasantly.
Victoria was warned of by her sister Clara that David was planning to sell their house in Wimbledon and perhaps David was having an affair. But Victoria was annoyed and had quarrel with her. In some ways, Victoria was aware of something, but she chose to ignore it. With so many years going by, she was used to be a housewife, make everything in order for his husband and children. And what if she got divorced? No income and apart with his children. As I mentioned, David was a sagacious lawyer, he would try to get the children custody. Then she would have nothing at all. So she was afraid of knowing the truth.
But no woman can tolerate the betrayal of his beloved all the time. When she found David’s affair in the flesh, she was in deep depression. Ultimately, with the encouragement of her bosom friend Lucretia, she plucked her courage and planned to leave David secretly. She destroyed David’s election in commission and made a little trick so as to let David to give up the custody. What’s more, she got a job as a copywriter for celebrities.
Marriage should be fair between couple; when passion is no longer existent, the loyalty is still a must. However, when marriage becomes a grief, and even with betrayal, there is no need to insist on it. But when Victoria was chatting with her sister, she said she never regretted marrying David. It’s just because that David had changed and was no longer the one she loved before. Yes, their hearts were ever knit tightly. That was enough.
The elder one is Clara. She is a college teacher. Her husband Tom is a man full of ideas. And she took fancy to Tom because of his quality. Honestly, Tom is not charming in physical. Tom lives carefully; even they are not so poor. And their marriage became dull. Finally, Clara fall love with his student Ben who was young and charming. And they had relationship. She felt guilty but it gave her passion she had never got from her marriage. However, gradually, she found that she couldn’t keep that forever. She and Tom understood each other and they had a lot of common things in mental.
And after Tom’s injury in an incident, she made the decision to break up with Ben though she loved him deeply. She may think everything was over and she would live a peaceful life. But it would never hide in the darkness; their affair was put in the light by a student. Of course, Tom was totally angry. Even after that, Tom wasn’t confronted with their problem indirectly. He complained about her betrayal frequently even he ever had sex with a woman called Jane when Clara was dating with Ben. But he didn’t want to divorce with her. He still loved her. And in a way so did she. Eventually, they made peace with each other. longjing tea
And I think Tom would never get along with Clara as the way he did. He would make a change and try to make their marriage happy. In a marriage, couple should understand each other as much as possible, or, marriage would come to an end unhappily.
The youngest one is Annie. She was once a single mother. But she met Hugo and got married. She had a lot in common with him. He provided her with a peaceful life. Also, he regarded her daughter Elizabeth as his biological daughter. And he sent her to a very expensive Academy of Art College. But their marriage was against by his mother Barbara. And he less took her to meet her mother in case that she hurt Clara in ironical words. They still led a happy in their world. But life will never be a smooth journey. Hugo died in a car accident in Annie’s arms.
Then, everything changed. Barbara deprived most things of Hugo’s heritage. What’s worse, she even had to sell the house they ever live in and move to another place full of mess. Annie was drowning in deep sorrow of losing Hugo. For a widow, everything was difficult. Though her sisters gave her lots of support, she still couldn’t put herself together. After she was nearly raped, she was in despair and chose to kill herself. Fortunately, a man named Karl saved her life. After that, she was sent to see a psychologist and gradually she opened her heart. Meanwhile, Karl fall love with her. And he helped Clara redecorate her new mess-up house by an excuse. With time going by, she became happy and put her heart into her work again. At last, she lost her heart to Karl also. And the story ended up with happiness. The sorrow to lose beloved is unforgettable. But life is still going on, we should treasure the memory he gave us and live on.

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