Reduce Your Energy Costs and Appeal to Green Tenants

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With one decisive step, you can reduce your heating costs and attract green tenants to your buildings. By using the latest green technologies, you can reduce the amount of fuel or electricity you use to heat your property. The best way to do this is with solar heating tubes. Whether you are a residential landlord or a commercial landlord solar energy will help you attract an emerging clientele who are concerned with their impact on the environment, for either practical or ideological reasons. As government regulations concerning energy usage becomes stricter, businesses are under increasing pressure to locate facilities which minimize their impact on the environment. Residential tenants are also showing an increased interest in properties which take advantage of green energy sources.

What Benefits Will Solar Heating Tubes Deliver?

The amount of money you can save with solar heating tubes depends chiefly on what form of heating system your building employs. Most buildings will receive the advantages of using the solar heating tubes to heat your building's water. Owners of buildings that make use of radiant heat will benefit further by using the solar heating tubes to heat the structure itself. In any case, you can save a considerable amount of money, especially when factored over an extended time frame.

For all landlords heating costs are an issue, particularly if your buildings are in a colder environment, but solar heating tubes can help you cut these costs whether you are in a sunny climate or not. The addition of tubes is a pretty recent development, and represent a dramatic improvement over the standard, flat solar panels that have been around for fifty years. The round shape of the tubes enables them to be positioned in such a way that they are in continual contact with the sun's rays, thus absorbing energy throughout the day. Vacuum tubes are also used for optimal insulation purposes, which ensures that hardly any of the harvested energy is lost before being used for heating purposes within your building. And less solar power lost means less electricity and gas used, saving you money on your heating costs.

Start Saving Today!

Although solar technology has been around for a long time, it has taken the increasing demand of environmentally minded tenants, businesses and governments to push the technology to the point where it is now viable for most buildings. If you wish to reduce your energy expenses and attract green tenants, you should strongly consider installing the newest solar heating tubes at your earliest convenience. With the majority of the world's governments now on board with the move towards green energy, and many of them offering substantial incentives for landlords green energy is now the hottest thing in the building trade. So why wait?

One last word: even if it were not for the fact that installing solar heating tubes can save you money, and even if it wasn't true that using green energy will help you attract new tenants, it is also the right thing to do. You will be saving money and the environment at the same time, and that's not a bad combination at all.

Craig Axelrod is a partner for, a NY solar energy company installing solar heating tubes solar pv systems & clean systems throughout the Northeast.

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