Reduce your burden with a dual SIM mobile phone

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People, who communicate a lot through phone calls, find it easy to carry more than one mobile phone to simplify their tasks. Ironically, carrying more than one mobile phone is a more tedious task. Imagine a rush hour, phone calls on all your handsets and all chaos.

You would never want such a situation. A simple way out is a dual sim mobile phones is a handset that can hold two sim cards at the same time. A dual sim feature has more benefits than single sim mobile phones.

Dual or double sim handsets are generally of two types which are standby double sim phones or an active double sim mobile phone. When it comes to a standby dual sim phone, it will allow the user to switch between the two-sim cards as and when required.

This means that mobile phones with standby dual sim feature will enable one sim card to function at one time while a switch between the two is possible. You do not have to change the sim card again and again to change your sim card.

Active dual sim phones allow the users to use both the SIMs at a same point of time. This means you can receive calls on both your numbers without any need to switch between the two sim cards. Now, you can channelize your phone calls through dual sim mobile phones and carry on with your different businesses at the same time. You can also differentiate between a public and a private number from just one handset to take care of.

Using mobiles with dual sim features has more benefits than using a different handset for each mobile number you have. You no more have the burden to tale care of two handsets; you can have both the services at the same time without any hassle of switching between them. It eases your foreign travel by allowing you to use you original sim while an additional sim card of the destination country.

An active double sim mobile contains two transceivers that display signal strengths for both the sim cards and network providers. Such a phone will allow the user to receive a call form any of the numbers at a same time. Various benefits of dual sim handsets are making this gadget a popular choice among the very busy strata of the working class. Try a dual sim handset for experiencing a clutter free communication for your personal or professional purposes and enjoy greatest benefits at your disposal.

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