Reduce Hair Damage From Flat Iron Usage

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Professional hairstylists agree that majority of their clients are indeed shelling out cash to tame wavy and curly hair that are too difficult. It seems that the remedy for dull and lifeless hair is the salon.

Regrettably, it's hard to mimic the hairstylist touch in one's home. And more often than not, attempts to straighten the untamed locks using a flat iron seem to create further chaos than before. This is the main reason why women want to know how to reduce hair damage from flat iron. Well, here are some tips:

1) Before plugging any device and pressing it against your hair, you should prep your locks properly. It is advised that prior to any styling session, you need to have shampooed and conditioned your hair; preferably using products that are moisture-rich.

Preparing one's hair using these products will provide a strong foundation and will significantly aid you on how to reduce hair damage from flat iron use. Furthermore, you may opt for a leave-on conditioner or thermal protection spray to shield the hair from any damaging effect that might occur in the process.

2) One way on how to reduce hair damage from flat iron is by keeping your hair dry and free from any gel or mousse build-up. It should be noted that damp hair does not respond well with most styling tools, especially those utilizing heat. Do you know the cooking method of steaming? This is probably the closest scenario for what will happen when an electronic hair iron touches a damp hair.

3) Remember, if the length of your hair passes beyond that of your shoulder, choose an iron that is wide, or wider than the regular 1 to 1.5 inches. This will provide more surface area for the hair to come in contact with the styling tool. With that said, women with shorter hair may opt for the typical-sized straightening device. Keep in mind that the straightening tool itself may be a factor on how to reduce hair damage from flat iron.

4) When using a flat iron, part your hair into sections and allow each portion to pass through the iron without over crowding it. Most women would complain that the styling device is not working. Little do they know that they are overloading the straightening iron by putting through a lot of hair at exactly the same time. Remember that when one works with small sections, heat will be applied evenly. Thus, requires fewer passes using the styling tool.

All hair straighteners are not created equal. When you are buying a hair straightener or flat iron, you have to take several things into consideration. Here are some tips to use when choosing a hair straightener.

First, take your hair type and length into consideration. Most professional hair straighteners can be used on all hair types. However, you need to make sure you are buying the right size for your hair type and length. Those with long hair that is thick or very curly should have a large plate size on the flat iron they choose. Smaller plates are perfect for normal or wavy hair. If your hair is fine or thin you should use a plate that is between one and one-and-a-half inches. Also, fine hair often requires a lower temperature. You want to avoid burning your hair!

Next, set your price. You can spend hundreds of dollars buying a flat iron if you don't plan ahead. It is important to set your budget before you start shopping. This will help you choose a hair straightener that not only fits your needs, but also your budget.

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