Recycling to reduce pollution

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Pollution is said to be the biggest mistake caused by the human beings in modern world. In general we can define this pollution as mixing up the dangerous contaminants in the environment or near atmosphere of the earth. These pollutants can be any one of the following forms, gases or liquids or solids. Pollution began to draw attention of governments and people worldwide in 1950 and mid 1970's. And the worst scenario takes place with the invention of atomic weapons and the development of atomic energy for energy houses. These developments in atomic field introduced the deadly contaminant radioactive pollutants to our green world.

Sources of these pollutants comes from a huge number of resources like industries, transports, chemical plants, power houses, house hold items, digital products etc. Apart from destroying the earth's natural resources these pollutants are said to be the primary cause of all the deadliest diseases appeared in last few decades. Studies show that 600 people die every hour because of water pollution alone. The worst affected countries are India and china. Though India consume only 5% of the global pollution emission, the deaths occurred in this country because of pollution is higher than any other places. With a mere 5% of the world population America contributes roughly 25 % of the global pollutants.

It's not too late to get into pollution control activities for these developed countries. Though many preventive measures are taken worldwide the pollution rate seems to be growing every day. Recycling can play a major role in pollution control. By recycling the metals and nonmetals we can reduce the energy and raw materials consumed by the manufacturing industries. As the primary source of these pollutants are coming from the industries, by introducing various recycling processes we can reduce these pollution levels to minimum. is an online scrap metal portal that helps scrap metal buyers to connect with scrap metal suppliers. It has been never easy to find genuine Report this article

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