Recycling Rubber The Right Way

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Rubber has been in use in many applications around the world since its discovery in the 1700s. Mainly consisting of two types namely natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is obtained from plants wherein synthetic rubber is obtained the same way in which plastic is created that is polymerisation. Although discovered late, the latter has more uses in industrial applications than the former. That is because synthetic rubber, can withstand more elastic deformation under stress than most materials and will still return to its previous size without deforming. Synthetic rubber soon began to be used in various applications including tire manufacturing. The modifiable characteristics of synthetic rubber best suited the tire industry. Butyl rubber, since it was gas impermeable was used in the manufacturing of inner tubes for tires.

The problem that soon arose with this was there was that after the tire thread wore off, there was not much that could be done with it. Also burning them off in dumps proved to be a health hazard since burning rubber releases a lot of harmful toxins which are harmful for the environment as much as they are to humans. Due to its indestructible nature there ended up being piles and mountains of rubber tires in dumps which could not be used again. People soon came up with innovative ways all over the world to recycle them because although recovering rubber was a difficult process, there was no one else but us to deal with it. Tires now began to be re-threaded and sold, while other uses included breaking tires into parts and utilizing them for different purposes. But soon manufacturers discovered a whole new way of dealing with it. They discovered that rubber when cut into crumbs could be recycled and in fact with research discovered that it was cheaper to use recycled rubber, along with the fact that recycled rubber uses less energy in the production process as compared to virgin rubber. The best selling point was that recycled rubber had some properties which were better than that of virgin rubber. Today many recycling companies such as Lucky Recycling in Dubai chip in their share to save the environment and help in this same process which helps reduce the load of waste rubber. They supply and provide quality rubber tube scrap from Dubai in a variety of packages to various manufacturers around the world. Picked up from various points around the Middle East this rubber can be put to multiple uses.

Lucky Recycling is a division of the Lucky Group one of the largest scrap metal recycling companies in Dubai, who have been adding value to a large number of metal recycling industries the world over.

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Karen Adams is an environmentalist who contributes articles to aluminum alloy manufacturing in Dubai. Lucky Group is one such company he trusts in. He does his best to inculcate an eco-friendly behavior among people. As Lucky Group is one of the best scrap metal recycling company in Dubai and internationally, he enjoys yielding ideas on this topic.

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