Recycling Of Chemical Elements

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The back and forth movement of chemical elements between organism and environment along particular circular path is known as the recycling of the chemical elements. All the chemical elements present either in our body or environment must be recycled so that it may be used again and again and the life goes on. Among these chemical elements some are very much important for the human life and the elements include the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphur, zinc, iron, iodine, and the calcium. All of these are recycled in the environment in different ways and the most common is the role of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, algae etc. When a person dies then he is buried beneath the earth. Here the bacteria and fungi act upon his body and release certain oxidative enzymes that starts digesting the body of the organism. All the essential enzymes and nutrients are brought into the earth and later the fixing bacteria fix the atmosphere and add these elements to it. In this way the nutrients are supplied back into the environment.

Now I shall explain it to you with the help of nitrogen cycle. In case of nitrogen much of the nitrogen is found in the soil as the result of the decomposition of the organic matter and is in the form of the complex compounds, such as protein, amino acid, nucleic acids and nucleotides. These nitrogenous compounds are usually decomposed into simple compounds by the soil-dwelling organism’s chiefly bacteria and the fungi. These micro-organisms use the proteins and the amino acids and release excess of ammonia or ammonium ions. Some bacteria in the soil are able to oxidize ammonia or ammonium ion and then these oxidized ions thus formed are transferred to carbon containing compounds to produce amino acids. Then the bacteria in the soil metabolize these compounds and send the nitrogen back into the environment.

Likewise the oxygen and the carbon dioxide used are produced back into the environment. The carbon dioxide that is used by the green plants in their food production is released by the humans during breathing and in this way the carbon dioxide is brought back into the environment and likewise the plants exhale the oxygen into the environment which was used by humans during breathing. Sulphur and the phosphorous are brought into the environment with the help of these bacteria that are responsible for the cleaning of the environment.

Recycling of all these elements is essential otherwise the life would end. The bacteria and the algae are responsible for cleaning the environment as the digest the heaps of garbage and extra materials and therefore clean the environment. Fungi release the enzyme on the surface of the material and spreads on it with the help of its hyphae. They also act as the pollution indicators. There are certain bacteria that are genetically engineered to perform the task of cleaning of particular type of material and these bacteria remove the toxic from the environment.

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