Recycling mobile phones is the refuge for the snobs

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It all used to be saving the trees and letting people know that they should try walking or cycling rather then taking the car to work. Then they said that one should try to recycle everything that one uses and try to reduce consumption as well. Making sure that they let everyone know that who cared more about the environment and through this pitiful attitude showing that they were the superior ones/

Now the new thing recycling mobiles which has now become the popular thing to promote with the Government making donations and tax breaks to the recyclers. Public announcements are being made so that more and more people submit and sell their old handsets to these companies. Also through various advantages and other added knick knacks the country is trying to promote this habit as it is supposed to help the environment.

And the best thing about this as being termed by the companies that deal in mobile recycling is the recycle mobiles for cash thus making sure that people get interested in this new source for some extra money on the side. The cash being offered for these handsets is actually very low but it is still something as compared to just dumping these handsets into the Thames.

But the thing that is not told to the public is that these handsets will be imported which will give the Government much needed taxes and help the national trade balance as well. Thus a win win for everyone or something to that effect.
There are more then a few million handsets sold every year and this trend will continue for the next few years with even more million produced. All these millions of handsets also need to be disposed of every year and if dumped somewhere can prove to be a serious health hazard. Thus making sure that all these handsets are not just thrown away but reused and almost all of them are in perfect working condition. Thus recycling mobile would be a perfect alternative for this problem.

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