Recycled Toilet Paper: The Easiest Way To Be Environmentally Conscious

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No matter how much of an effort you're making to be green, some of the easiest ways to be environmentally conscious are often overlooked. Next time you venture into the bathroom, examine your toilet paper. There's a huge chance that the toilet paper you're using is made from trees—trees from the last virgin forests of North America.

Is using "regular" toilet paper really as bad as driving a Hummer?

Consider this: If every household in the USA replaced only a single roll of virgin fiber toilet paper with one made from 100% recycled post consumer waste, we could save almost 424,000 trees.

Buying recycled toilet paper for your home or office is one of the easiest ways to avoid contributing to destructive environmental processes. Napkins, paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper are all one-time usage only products, so it makes sense to purchase recycled versions of these products and avoid contributing to more waste. If not, paper giants such as Kimberly-Clark are forced to source from virgin forests that are ecologically valuable.

Recycled toilet paper is a product that has high post-consumer content. Post consumer products have a high content of recycled material—paper in this case that would have otherwise gone to a landfill or burned up in an incinerator. Other non-recycled toilet paper products also have been put through a harsh bleaching process with harmful chemicals like chlorine to give them a white and bright appearance. The chlorine and chemicals end up either in our water supply or in the air and can be harmful to fish, animals, and humans as well. Recycled toilet paper should be chlorine free (TCF) or processed chlorine-free (PCF).

Unfortunately, recycled toilet paper has a reputation for not holding up to regular brands when it comes to comfort—and that's something that most Americans are unwilling to compromise on. Recycled toilet paper represents only 2% of the TP sold in the US market, but in Europe and Latin America it stands at 20%.

Recycled toilet paper might not be the softest toilet paper you've ever tried, but seriously consider whether or not it's worth turning the remaining forests of North America into the most disposable of products.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Green line paper. If you wish to learn more about recycled toilet paper & environmental products visit our website today and let our eco-friendly products make a difference in your home or office.

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