Recycle your used cell phone for a trash free environment!

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Technically advanced cell phones today are literally capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing info, taking photos, and can also be used as walkie talkies, to name only one or two of the available options. The significance of these goes way beyond the facility to make or receive calls. Cell phones became a prerequisite for many of us internationally. The facility to keep in contact with family, colleagues, and access to e-mail are just a few of the explanations for the inflating significance of them. These have become virtually a symbol of standing as well as the convenience and security that comes from owning them. The users can straight away send info to the office or home, check for important e-mail, use their cell telephone as a PDA or calendar, and store pictures which can be simply moved to a P.C or portable computer. But as it is a fact there are always two sides of the coin, and the same way it applies to the growing technology in mobiles, which has ultimately become the cause of e-trash being generated in the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agencyís (EPA) latest numbers, only 10% of unwanted cell phones are recycled each year. A 2008 survey released by Nokia suggests an even lower number. Through a recent study which interviewed 6,500 people in 13 countries it has been found that only 3% recycled old devices. If there is good news from the survey, itís that respondents tossed only 4% of old devices in landfills, with 44% sitting in drawers unused, and the rest sold on the secondary market or passed along to friends and family.

This shows that there isnít that level of awareness to recycle mobile devices like there is for glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastics, or paper. And even if the consumer is aware, their isnít the convenient equivalent of a blue recycling bin in your home or office picked up on your behalf. And unlike a TV, PC or monitor, mobile devices are small and can be stored in an office drawer or a shoe box in the basement. So itís easier to not do the right thing and itís not really going to clutter up your life.

Rather than pitching your old phone in the trash, check out a few ways you can use your old phone to do good or even score some cash too. Whether you opt to go with a charitable donation or trading in your old phone for some cash money, there are some really great options out there for their safe disposal. With the sheer number of them being replaced each year, organizations dealing with reuse, recycle of cell phones and has become the answers to the questions for the utilization of those in the best possible ways, now while intending to buy a new phone one can now think of recycling cell phones.

With the convenience of the internet, everything can be delivered to your doorstep. With this easy access, people seem to utilize the internet more than leaving their homes to shop. When exploring your options to buy old cell phone, you will see a wide range of new, refurbished and used cell phones to choose from. Make sure to educate yourself and take the time to read and learn about each offer open to you. Research what you WANT and what you NEED in a phone--but most importantly--what you can AFFORD.

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