Recyclable Junk Materials

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Recycling is the process by which the waste material is converted into something that is useful and thus recycling is a very important activity that is taken up by many people throughout the world. There are many things that can be easily recycled. They include paper, plastic, empty bottle cans, cars, jewellery and many others. Rather nearly all the waste material can be re-used in different forms to produce a valuable commodity. Every day we see a number of hawkers and children picking up newspaper and empty bottles from the municipal waste baskets. These materials are than sold to the industries that recycle these materials.
Paper is the most important of all the recyclable material. According to an estimate paper forms more than ten percent of the solid waste in the world at present. Industrialists have recruited many people who separate the paper from the rest of the waste material and sell them to the factory. In the factory the used paper is first soaked in the water and the pulp is made. The pulp is then used to make the new paper. If the pulp is not of very high quality then it can be used to make the news paper and the rough copies. The paper is easy to recycle and can be recycled even five to seven times. However not all the paper is recycled; for example the aluminum foil paper is not recycled usually because the process is very expensive and the outcome is not very good. However the recycling of the few types produces good results and forms the profitable business. These are white papers, cardboards and newspapers.
Glass is another material that is easily recycled to make the new products. The soft drink bottles that are made up of glass make the largest share of the recyclable glass products. They are bought in wholesale from the collectors at a minimal cost and are then recycled to make the new products. The best thing about them is that you can recycle them as many times as you want to and there is no limit to how many times it can be recycled like the paper has. For recycling different types of glass are segregated from each other and are piled up separately. The bottles of different companies and colors are separated and rinsed thoroughly. Used glass is melted and placed in the moulds to produce the glass of new variety.
Plastic is the most important of all the recyclable material because it forms more than twenty five percent of all the domestic solid waste. The plastics include the PET bottles, disposable cups and plates, and the polythene bags. Plastics take a very long time to degrade and thus are very resistant in nature so recycling them saves a lot of revenue. Different kinds of plastics are first assorted separately and are then are chopped into flakes and then fed into the extruder where they are compressed under high temperature and pressure to produce the new plastic products.

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