Recognitions of the Call Center Industry of the Philippines

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The call center industry of the Philippines had gained a lot of recognition since its foundation. This was all because of the industry’s continuous successes not only in the Philippine market, but also in global market in which the Philippines had recently dominated.

Recognized as the Fastest-Growing Industry in the Philippines
The call center industry was founded when a number of third-party companies in the Philippines had started to offer Live Answering Service to their clients in the Philippines. Eventually, the demand grew for these services, which also led to the growth of call center companies and agencies in the Philippines. This prompted the start of the call center industry in the Philippines.

After a few years, the call center industry of the Philippines had grown and expanded significantly across the Philippine market, in which many industry experts had considered it as the fastest-growing industry in the country.

Sunshine Industry of the Philippines
The greatest recognition that the call center industry had ever received from the Philippine government was when the industry was recognized as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines because of its massive growth in only a decade, which is a rare feat for other industries in the Philippines. There are many reasons as to why this is, and one of the main reasons is because of their diverse collection of Live Answering Service.

Another reason why is because of the number of foreign investors that starts their own call center companies or outsources their call center services in call center companies in the Philippines.

Call Center Capital of the World
Due to the continuous increase of foreign investors outsourcing and starting their own call center businesses in the Philippines, the industry soon penetrated the global market. And because of its infrastructure, such as its diverse collection of Live Answering Service, the Philippines was immediately placed as the 2nd of the largest provider of call center services in the world, next to India.

However, because of Filipino’s ingenuity, along with their skills in providing customer relation services, the Philippines quickly became the best place to outsource such services. Eventually, the Philippines was placed as the call center capital of the world, outpacing that of India both in manpower and in infrastructure.

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