Recipes for Pork Chops without Breaking A Sweat

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Although the chop is one of the many parts on the pig, it makes a delightful presentation on the dining table. Normally served with a bone attached, there are various cuts of chops depending on what area of the animal it is cut from. Its sizes also differ depending on the eater's affinity for meat and cooking method. Since pork is not recommended to be served pink, this cut of meat has a tendency to dry out if overcooked. Hence, recipes for pork chops need to ensure flavor as well as juicy pork chops.

Varying cultures have their own ways of cooking the veritable pork chops. Perhaps the easiest method is to throw them on the grill. Although it may sound an easy task, grill gurus swear by the preparation work and post grilling activities. Whilst some prefer the meat to be dressed with the basic condiments of sea salt and a crank of freshly ground black pepper, others may opt to douse them in a marinade. Dry marinades are normally rubs which are a combination of dried herbs, spices and salts. Wet versions include addition of commercial or home-made sauces to break down tough sinews and further infuse the meats with great tastes. Once they hit the grill, watch the heat to avoid over charring on the outside whilst the insides are still raw. Once done, set them aside to rest. This allows the cooking juices to distribute within the meats thus resulting in juicy pork chops. Coupled with baked potatoes and grilled veggies, this is a dish from the gods.

Equally easy recipes for pork chops use the crumbing method. To shorten the meat's cooking time, lightly flatten it out with a tenderizing hammer. Drop rough chunks of stale or toasted bread into a food processor for a quick whiz. Season the crumbs with some grated hard cheese and ground black pepper. For added moistness, dip the slightly flattened chop into milk. After a light dusting of flour, dip it into beaten eggs followed by a coating of seasoned crumbs. A thicker layer of crumbs can be achieved by gently yet firmly patting them onto the chop. Else dip the chop into the egg for a second coating of crumbs. A gentle fry in a hot skillet or bake in the oven is the final step to achieve a golden result.

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