Rechargeable Lawn Mowers for the Eco Mindful Person

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Choosing a cordless mower would be a intelligent choice. There're extremely easy to start, just push a push button. Good bye pull cord . No dangerous fumes that a petrol motor creates, you will smell only freshly cut lawn. Zero-emission help out to lower the carbon foot print and held the environment . They are not necessarily less expensive than a gas mower because they cost more up front however there is ultimately no maintenance. The best cordless mowers have a removable battery that makes it easy to charge the battery. Corded electric mowers are cheaper but having a lead is a pain.

Before selecting a battery lawn mower here i will discuss a few things to bear in mind. Due to their large heavy batteries a few of them may weigh a bit more than petrol mowers, therefore should you have a hilly block or have difficulty with physical exertion, in that case go for one of the self propelled models. They do not have the same mowing power as fuel walk behind lawn mowers, however this won't be a dilemma if you keep your lawn low , and each battery re-charge will give you 1 hr of cutting thats adequate to cut 1/4 an acre. If you have a large yard your other alternative is to have a back up battery you can use when the other one goes flat.

You get identical mulching selection as petrol lawn rotary mowers. Cordless electric lawn mowers have come a long way but mulching still takes more power than discharging, so bagging is a standard feature.
Electric mowers a rated in Watt Hours, which essentially is how big your fuel tank is, the higher watt-hours, the longer you can cut before you have to recharge the battery.

Lawn mowing path is definitely an important thought before choosing a walk behind mower, as the first thing manufacturers do when horse power is marginal is reduce the mowers blade size, so this typically means that the smaller cordless mowers as much more expected to be underpowered. Second, if you think about you have to overlap each pass by about 3 in. a 20 inch blade now effectively cuts 13% more on each pass. For those who have a big area to mow, you certainly don't want anything below 18".

We advise for those who choose to get a rechargeable lawn mower, then choose one with a removable battery. For those who have a very large backyard, this means you'll be able to have a another battery charging from the power point of your choice at the same time as you're using the first. A second battery is an extra expense but it could possibly make the difference between going electric or not. To finish, if you keep the mower in a garage that does not have power; a removable battery will let you to bring it in for recharging.

The next generation Cordless Lawn Mowers are powered by 36 Volt motors and batteries. Why should you be concerned about higher voltage? Higher voltage means much more power, plus you can recharge the mower faster. With the same chemistry and current, a 36V mower will charge 50% faster than a 24V mower.

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