Recession's Over? Bah, Humbug

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U.S. Government Can't Artificially Buoy Economy Forever

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Some time soon, we'll be hearing this year's holiday retail numbers. The story the liberal American media want to tell is one of triumph over economic challenges... they want to tell the story of a recession that's ended, of tough times behind us, of the effectiveness of the Democrats' economic policies and prosperity just around the corner. So that's probably the story they'll find a way to tell, untroubled by actual facts.

How was your Christmas shopping experience this year? Did it look to you like retailers were back in the black, making money hand-over-fist like they normally do this time of year? As for me, I found good parking spots and short lines everywhere I went. It didn't look to me as though discretionary spending was flowing through the shopping centers.

Don't be fooled. The recession isn't over, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. And it will be personal responsibility, not government takeover of the private sector, that will save the economy.

Unfortunately, the U.S. federal government continues to pull out all the stops in artificially propping up the American economy. From legislative "controls" to an out-of-control Federal Reserve creating push-button money out of thin air, there is virtually no "trick" the current liberal administration has been reluctant to use. The outcome is likely to be massive inflation and continued weak performance by the chained-up market. Until this government is replaced by one that'll take its paws off the market, the global economy will struggled mightily to fix itself.

Move now to protect yourself. Start a business on the side, to protect your income from business failure and such maladies as layoffs and cutbacks. Get smart about the global conspiracy against wealth, to protect your family's financial future. And get into good shape, to protect yourself from the disappointments of government health care.

There will be great, prosperous holidays in the future... but not until we wrest control from the tax-and-spend big-government liberals. It's going to take some time.

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