Recent shift in the stock photography industry.

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Today, stock images and stock photography are a very important part of the
photography industry. just like industrial, fashion and magazine photography. To
understand the meaning of this one should think it as the branch of photography
which deals with the licensed pictures to some business or some organization. In most cases these are started and intended

for use for some specific project or purpose. The perfect example of such imaging can be the photographs by the national

geographic or Discovery magazines. These pictures are often taken in as the intellectual property assets of the magazines and

are sold as stock pictures after publication.

Here are some types of licenses that should be considered while using Stock pictures.

  • Royalty free licensing

  • Right managed licensing

  • Photo subscriptions

  • Credit based purchasing

However, the most frequent use of these stock images happens in the professionalsetup. There is always an
href="">image bank
of picture library which contains some imagesfor any specific purpose.

Rather than understanding the images and history of this oneshould focus on the utilization of these stock images.

Generally, the industry structure of this type of photography according to the first
conference at Belgium, in 1911 provided the first set of such images. The other major important source is from the Getty,

Corbis, Jupiter corporation that has become the main providers of stock images. One should take these earlier attempts of the

stock photo industry quite seriously even now with all the sophisticated equipment and resources we have yet to see the

dedication and resourcefulness being shown by them.

Similarly the images that are being used by an agency is always based on a license that is obtained after paying some fee.

The rate is generally based on the use, print run, size of print and teritory in which the photo is being used. Think about

this by the common example of the copyrights costs of movies that are being sold by the different hollywood agencies which

are always based upon the viewership and frequency of airing. The more viewers will mean the image will get more exposure and

ultimately increase the price of the image.

Moreover, the latest entrant in the stock image phenomena are the picture agencies in which resources are shared by the

public in sites like shutterpoint, dreamtime, shutter stock, Scoop, and Fotolia. These are all the later stages of this image

industry which is growing at phenomenal rate especially after invention of digital photography.

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