Reborn Baby Dolls are the Hottest Thing in Collectibles

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Reborn baby dolls have exploded in popularity since their introduction in the early 1990s. Originally only found in the United States, the extremely lifelike baby dolls are now popular all over the world. Due to their realism, high levels of craftsmanship and uniqueness collectors all around the world are clamoring to own them.

The skill it takes to make one of these dolls bestows the title of artist upon their creators. Nothing short of an artisan could create a doll that is so lifelike you can't tell the difference between it and a real baby until you are literally inches away.

Reborn baby dolls get their name because artists take the original baby doll, strip it down and then build it back up layer by layer until it is a completely new doll. Thus, the doll has been reborn to a new life.

Artists must painstakingly apply layers of Genesis heat paints to the doll, apply heat through an oven or heat gun and repeat the process over and over again. With each level they add new elements of pigment or minute details like veins. The paint must be applied precisely or splotches will appear causing the appearance of bruises on the dolls. Nobody wants to have a life like doll that looks as though you beat it!

Reborn baby dolls achieve their extreme realism through skin pigment and many other features. Life like eyes made from hand blown glass, mohair individually rooted into the scalp and bodies perfectly weighted to feel like a newborn all create the realism reborns are known for. Higher end models even come equipped with devices that simulate breathing and heartbeats.

The realism of these dolls has created a group of collectors who actively treat the dolls as though they were real babies. These people are the ones who have garnered the most media attention. Some people find their actions odd or even unhealthy and label the dolls as creepy.

While the life like dolls can be unnervingly real, mental health professionals and other doctors have found sound uses for reborn baby dolls. Women who have lost a child or are unable to have children find solace in taking care of the dolls. Empty nesters dealing with growing older and not having children to lavish attention on also have found that these dolls help fill an emotional void.

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