Reasons why mass sms should be preferred over email

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Though emails have become one of the most sought after feature for communication with people especially when there is a detailed messages is to be conveyed, but your business may not benefit in big way from this mode if you rely heavily on it. we give you many reasons that you should switch from email to mass sms as a tool of targeting the customers to bring them to your business.

When one takes into account the most sought after mobile communications techniques, then mass sms will probably top the list. The modus operandi behind text messaging on mobile networks is so simple and full of advantages that it immediately got attention at its advent. First the services were used by mobile phone companies to take maximum benefits out of their existing network bandwidth. Later on sms turned into source of cheap way for the businesses to lure their targeted customers to their services and products.

Emails are usually very irritating to the subscribers when they constantly see them in inbox as undesirable massages. They tend to look them with suspicion and prefer deleting them from right away for the fear of clicking them. If they seen your name repeatedly, they very easily skip your message, particularly if it is for promotional purpose. But mass sms is very regularly seen by the mobile users as they like to read the short messages without wasting of time and to satisfy their curiosity. This will surely help your business products.

Another disadvantage of email is that the customers think that you are using them for your business and so they tend to delete themselves from your subscriber list. This does not speak well for your business. That is not the case with Sms shortcodes, and on the contrary, the text message receivers want to have a quick look at the offers you hare providing them and continue to be subscriber of your services.

Spam filters are another reason that emails do not regularly work for promotion of your business and you should prefer mass sms. Though you may have requested the subscribers to put your email message on white list, but spam filters tend to hide it from the viewers for safety concerns. In such cases many people may not know about an event that you are organizing for your business. Such problem is not simple there with sms shortcodes methods. Most of the sms are attended by the subscribers.

We do not suggest that you should discard email as tool of marketing, but you should not heavily relay on it. Instead, explore all available mediums including mass sms. Some people like to read emails, others ignore them fully. However, chances of getting more response from short code are higher as this method appeals to wider audience.

The fact of the matter is that the younger generation tends to use text messaging as a means of keeping in touch and you can explore it for your business more effectively. So, incorporate in your computer system a text messaging provider to reach thousands of people instantly on their mobile phones. But be careful in selection of the mass sms service providers and prefer the one having all the features that suit your business promotion requirements.

( ) Text Messaging Provider is generally a web, desktop or email based application that allows you to access - and send messages. ( ) SMS software are applications or interfaces that enable you to send SMS messages from your desktop or laptop PC to one or many contacts. Use our service and save valuable time and money on your communications.

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