Reasons Why Anybody Can Sell Microstock Photography

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An ongoing fallacy is that only US citizens are allowed to upload and sell their Microstock photography through the most profitable stock photography sites.

Obviously this is untrue yet it is important to note that the majority of the purchasers of stock photography are from the US due mostly to the volume of Internet users as well as the high demand from web designers, advertisers and marketers for images of items that are unavailable in the States.

Google Images is a perfect place to view the variety of subjects that are being photographed and sold via the Internet. However, while you may be seeing the variety, you certainly need to pay attention to the quality as most of the Microstock photography found here would not typically be accepted by a Stock Photography site simply because the quality is under standard. By visiting stock photography sites and comparing you will soon see what I mean by quality. Also pay particular attention to which sizes are available to upload, this is important to know prior to taking your image as you will want to make sure you have the sizes in demand. An important thing to note is try to not resize images as you will be losing quality each time you do.

While looking at the differences between Google Images versus Microstock photography sites you may notice the distinction between poor quality versus high quality is not that great, yet you want to correct any mistake prior to submitting your image for sale so you don't risk rejection right off the bat.

You ideally want to submit Microstock photography that have not been edited with photo editing programs such as Photoshop. While these programs are great for resizing and cropping you will lose quality each time you edit the photo. The goal, therefore, is to take the perfect photo without the need for any editing.

The best thing about selling your photographs online is that it can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. All you need to get started is an interest in photography, a digital camera, a computer and an Internet connection. If you can take quality Microstock photography of interesting subjects you will soon be able to sit back and what your bank account increase daily.

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