Reasons to follow eco friendly printing

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Eco-friendly printing is the best way to print nowadays. Despite of technical advancements, we still look out to ways to print. There were many promises of making the world a paperless environment. But unfortunately there are important times where paper becomes inevitable. We are still not able to do without paper. It might take a few years to completely stop making papers when there possibly would be a replacement to paper. But people have started to realize their duty to stop making anymore damage to our Mother Earth. There are many companies that have come forward to go green in their printing ways. Here are a few reasons to show why we ought to go green in our printing method;

Save our natural resources
There is a commendable effort all over the place to go green. Also there is a wide awake to stop environmental contamination. This new sensitive wakefulness has necessitated the call for to take a fresh look into industries and money-making establishments. They were the ones that were the pioneers in polluting our environment in a huge scale. Thereby they depleted our natural resources as much as they could. Now we have started looking into ways to cut down any harm that we are possibly making to the environment.

Reduce carbon footprint
Similar to most manufacture companies, printing houses also generate destructive wastes. Printing houses creates harmful waste such as volatile organic compounds. They are in short called as VOCs. They are produced with the use of petroleum based inks that are used in printers. The compound makes the inhaler vulnerable to asthma attacks. Therefore strict measure is being sketched to adopt our printing methods to eco friendly ways. These ways are good to the environment and to us in the long run.

Reduce the use of fossil fuels
An astonishing fact is that amongst manufacturers in the quantity of power used printing industry ranks 4th place. A lot of fossil fuel is required by the industry. And the electricity also eats up a huge amount of fossil fuel. Therefore they are the 2 most feared foes to Mother Earth. They drain away her resources and pose a threat to our existence itself.

Save paper
The energy used in total is recorded religiously in certified eco-friendly companies. They go the extra mile to gear up their production ways in order to minimize their negative impact on the planet. Paper from FSC, Forest Stewardship Council is obtained where forests are managed well and thus stick on to environmental principles.

Care for our planet
Eco friendly companies choose to print green to show that the care that they have for the environment. It is a great feeling to be of some worth to the planet that we live in.

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