Reasons to buy a digital protractor

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Don’t be put off doing manual tedious home improvement projects this year, especially when you can purchase a digital protractor that will effortlessly and painlessly allow you to measure angles at ease. This revolutionary measuring tool provides immediate, digital reading of all angles in a 360º radius. The aluminum frame is a rigid, lightweight, super-precise platform that allows state-of-the-art sensor and microprocessor circuits to provide unsurpassed accuracy throughout the digital protractors 360º range.

Here are 3 reasons you should stop tediously doing things by hand and embrace the digital age


When it comes to precise measuring, you only want to do it once. With a digital protractor there is no second guessing yourself as the machine is quick and precise in telling you the measurements you are after. It’s easy to setup and it doesn’t dent your wallet. In fact, our site has added FREE SHIPPING to orders $25+ just to sweeten the deal. Of course we all want to have the easiest and fastest way to get our desired effect, but we don’t need to break and arm and a leg for it.


A digital protractor is designed specifically for one purpose and one purpose only, to get and repeat your desired angle as quick as possible. By looking at the basic form of these digital protractors you wouldn’t assume that a powerful calculating microprocessor was working beneath the surface. A digital protractor will save you time whether you are doing crown molding, cabinetry, counters, roofs, windows, floors, etc. This is a guarantee that we stand behind 100%. If you do woodworking, a digital protractor will make setting the exact angle you need for your miter saw incredibly simple.


A digital protractor is one of the most common tools found on the job site of contractors today. The reason for this is because it is a valuable tool that cuts down time and is very versatile in what it can do. If you use a compound miter, you will save countless hours adjusting the angle of the saw, if you are a roofer, then getting exact angles for roof slopes are vital. Its compact, so it can fit in your pocket or tool box, light yet very durable and most are very easy to use. To use one effectively, you need to learn how to position the instrument and then get the reading – either off a dial type or the more efficient digital style. If you are looking to save time and energy, do a lot of DIY projects or are a active participant in on- the –site- jobs, then a digital protractor is a definite buy for you.

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