Reasons behind popularity of product review websites

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Product review websites provide a platform to the consumers to vent their opinion regarding products they have used. The sites allow everyone irrespective of his age or profession to writer reviews on various products available in market. One can write his views on FMCG, electric items, electronic devices, automobile, medicines, packaged food and on any other product he has used. Positive reviews are counted as a vote for the product; however, negative reviews are considered bad publicity. Manufacturers keep a close watch over the review websites to see how consumers rate their products. It gives them a clear picture about how their products are performing and if the products need any improvement.

Product review websites are free to use hence people can share their views on a particular product liberally. These sites neither ask for a fee nor require the consumers to become their members. In addition, one can write any number of reviews on a product. You are also allowed to write large reviews of 300 words or more. There are many websites that invite people to write their experiences with products they have used. The reviews are directed towards manufacturers and written in advisory manner. A positive review seems to recommend products while a negative review seems to warn consumers regarding a product.

Product reviews are nothing but users’ opinion regarding the quality of a product or the services offered by a company. When you use a product, you rate it according to its quality and price. You can appreciate a good product and criticize the bad one. These reviews are widely read by consumers and thus they play a crucial role in formulating public opinion regarding products and manufacturers. The product review websites are very popular among the consumers who visit them to find whether a particular product is worth buying or not.

Looking at the advantages of positive reviews, marketing people have started writing bogus reviews for their clients. Since there are many product review websites, they write as many positive reviews on a product as they want. But reputed websites can track the bogus reviews and keep them out. Consumers rely heavily on reviews for buying products and probably for this reason there are stores that sell only products with almost hundred positive reviews on reliable websites. People can shop for positively rated products on those sites and thus escape all the hassle of reading tons of reviews for arriving at a decision regarding a product.


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