Reality Shows: Does Reality Bite?

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Apparently it does, quite pleasurably if one is to gauge the response from the popularity of the reality shows that have completely taken over the Indian television screens.

Reality shows were introduced in India close to a decade ago. Channel V launched Channel Popstars a hugely popular show where they scoured the country for five talented girls to be singers of a pop band. The talent hunt was widely accepted by the small screen audience, the young and the old alike sat glued to their television sets to follow the fate of the auditioning aspirants. The show marked the beginning of a coup on the soppy Saas Bahu serials that had so long ruled TV screens.

Reality shows came as a breath of fresh air to the millions of television viewers who had no choice until then but to take their pick of ultra-glammed domestic stories. After the musical talent hunt, there was a flood of reality shows and the ever increasing TRP's made producers pursue this gold mine of an opportunity. Over the last four years, the Indian small screen has witnessed a revolution. reality show are a win-win situation for all involved - viewers, producers and participants.

Indian Idol, now into its fifth season, is modeled upon the hugely popular American Idol. Almost all the reality shows made abroad have a desi version too, and if you take a good look at all successful shows, they have common features: in-your-face personalities, celebrity judges, intense interpersonal dynamics and behind the scenes which afford the viewers to look into the reality behind reality TV shows.

Talking of taking a peek into the reality behind reality-TV is a ground-breaking novel by the Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall. Uberstar ( gives you a look at reality TV like never before. A must read for all reality TV show aspirants and viewers Uberstar is the first in a three part series and puts you into the heads of everyone involved in conceiving, producing and running a successful reality show. The stories within Uberstar are taken from reality show contestants around the world. Alaine-Marshall gives an honest and captivating portrayal of life within a reality-show.

Set in a fictitious reality show, Uberstar follows the paths of eleven contestants as they compete for the starring role in a feature film. This is a book for reality show fans and non-fans alike. With the country witnessing a deluge of reality TV programs that have usurped the stronghold of Saas Bahu serials, it is worthwhile taking a look at what it is about reality TV that makes it such a hot favorite among millions. For any aspiring contestants and reality show participants, this book is a definite must read.

Author Bio:
Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall releases √úberstar from Hendlin Books, an explosive look at the reality television. Based largely on reality shows such as American Idol, India has Talent and other successful reality shows. The author's research included interviews with participants, producers and insiders from the world's largest reality television shows. for more:

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