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Horoscope is table format chart that is prepared on the data provided by you which is your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. These three facts are used to create a long list of various information on your life that will include your past, present and off course future predictions. Daily horoscope provides you daily updates for you on the criteria of your sun sign. The sun sign is also found on the terms of your date of birth. The place of all the nine plants at the time of your birth tells what is in your horoscope. For preparing a horoscope, the format of the table may vary from one culture to another or can be from country to country. But this is true that the world uses a common platform which is born date, time and birth place to prepare the chart. These three factors decide your fate on the changing positions of zodiac members. The position of sun, moon and all the planetary positions are not fixed and change every minute. Due to this your life changes every other day. This is why you want to view your daily horoscope.

A horoscope is the sum of astrological predictions on your life, past, present and future. Daily horoscope let you know what is going to happen today. What the day has brought for you. You view this daily horoscope because you may someday find some exciting news which may change your life. The prediction written in a daily horoscope is by the experts of astrology. This is also true an individual astrologer's view differs from another astrologer. Do not get surprised, every information cannot match with each other. They have their own methods to count all about you. Your fate in a horoscope will be different from your parents and sibling. There is no scope of similarity of destiny if you are twins. Even if your sibling is born in just second's gap then he has his own fate. You both will have a different horoscope. An astrologer is an expert who has vast knowledge of astrology. Astrology is just a prediction on the data provided for your date of birth, time and place and the astrologer will prepare your lifetime chart.

Daily horoscope is just to tell your everyday happenings. This you can find on internet. You will find many website that provides you data of your sun sign. Here the daily horoscope is different from what is written in your horoscope chart. Your sun sign is your deciding factor for your daily happenings. You can find daily horoscope in newspapers, magazines, television. In newspapers horoscopes columns are prepared on monthly or weekly forecast. The sun is the supreme sun sign and the daily horoscopes are prepared on the columns of twelve zodiac signs on assumed month and day of birth. The daily horoscope is generalized as it does not hold your date of birth, time and place. You can read to know what the day has for you.

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