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Reaching as many customers and potential customers as possible is a key concern for the majority of business out there. All businesses know that in order to keep getting repeat custom and new custom they need to be ‘out there' and making contact with as many people as possible. Whilst there are plenty of different means of doing this it can often be difficult for many businesses, particularly small businesses with less revenue to spend on advertising, to utilise all of them. With this in mind it can sometimes be a hard decision for a business owner to know which methods of communication to use to get the most from them.

Letters can be useful, but more often than not people will see a letter as ‘junk mail' and will not bother to look at it. Similarly sending out emails can also be fruitless as such emails are often delivered into a customers spam folder and not read. Trying to make contact via the telephone is also useful as speaking to the customer directly can get excellent results, but many people don't like being bothered by businesses when they are at home.

Web SMS is a fantastic way for businesses to send out thousands of SMS messages to their customers in a matter of minutes which are delivered to their cell phones. Web SMS can be set up quickly and easily using one of the many web SMS providers that are available right now. As well as being easy to use, Web SMS also has plenty of features that businesses can benefit from which include:

• Message delivery alerts - this helps businesses to know when their web SMS message they sent has been delivered to recipients.
• Picture messaging - many businesses find that their customers respond well to web SMS messages that have pictures attached to them as they are more attractive to view. These can be added to an SMS package for a reasonable fee.
• Message tracking - this can help to track messages that have been sent so that anyone who replies to them will be logged.
• Auto reply functions which can help to work out how effective various campaigns are using web SMS.
• Pricing plans - businesses who want to keep a close eye on their outgoings will benefit from using a pricing plan as they can pay in advance of using a web SMS service. This keeps costs under control and as many of the web SMS providers offer different packages a business can choose the one that best meets their individual needs.

• Bounced or undelivered SMS messages will be shown, so any numbers which are not valid anymore can be quickly removed from the SMS database with absolute ease.

These are just a few of the features that using web SMS can offer a business and there are more that can be used if needed. Any business that wants to reach more customers than ever before at a reduced price need to use web SMS and see how it could be of use to them.

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