Raising public awareness of mobile handset recycling

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Escalating public awareness

The majority of people continue to simply throw their mobile phone away or leave them sitting around in draws. We have been doing what we can to boost the awareness of sensible mobile disposal and recycling however its proving problematic.

Mazuma’s Television advert promotion offering money for used mobiles went a long way towards elevating public awareness of mobile recycling we observed an increase in the amount of searches performed relating to portable recycling around the time these launched, however, getting the news out is not easy.

Because of the current economic climate everyone is aiming to make savings and, in contrast to 6-7 years back where people were content to spend a bit more for environment friendly options or to go organic this is one of the primary areas people are able to make cutbacks.

We are hoping that the logic behind cutbacks on organic spending and recycled options may be employed backwards to the cellular telephone handset industry.

The amount of online searches for cellular phone recycling and the terms associated with this are comparatively low, nevertheless, the amount of people seeking information on selling their mobile or how to get money for mobiles is on the up.

Through targeting those people who are seeking to get cash for an old mobile phone and making these people aware of the issues around mobile phone disposal while also highlighting they can cash in whenever they choose to go down this road we hope to really increase the public awareness of mobile phone recycling.

Not all of the companies offering cash for mobiles dispose of them as responsibly as others, some may find their way into landfills and others might could end up in the developing world been sold as premium handsets. While this is not strictly illegal its definitely immoral and goes against the spirit of recycling a phone, some people will not mind as long as they get as much as they can for the phone whereas others would be genuinely upset in this knowledge. For the people simply seeking a high price for their mobile we may be able to change their mind/outlooks on this type of thing by attempting to educate them on genuine recycling issues and benefits and this website, over the coming months, will attempt to do this.

At the moment the recyclemobile.org website is in its infancy and admittedly the content is not as finely polished as is will be in a few months time as we hope to encourage some authoritative guest posts and to attract some genuine interest from within the industry.

For now, please feel free to explore our pages, if you are generally interested in recycling then have a look at the post discussing some of the problems of recycling a mobile phone, if you are looking fot something

To find out more regarding mobile recycling visit the the website of the UK Mobile Phone Recycling Organisations, they arefocused on the recycling element but have lots of details about how you can swap mobile phone for cash with a more "financial gain" focus.

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