Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian

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9 April 2007
A poster at Hapur read like this---Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian. It spoke more than thousand words. The posters were being flashed by youngsters of the area.

"The Gandhi family has done a lot for the country. They have fed the country with their blood and sweat. We are quite happy to see Rahul Gandhi amongst them. We have high hopes from him. We want him to become the Prime Minister of the country so that he not only develops Uttar Pradesh but also works for the good of the country", said an elated Harish Suri.

"His entry will not only bring a wind of change but it will also motivate the youth to come ahead. We believe that the crime rate will also go down," said Anita Raj Suri, who was there to attend the road show of Mr. Gandhi at Hapur.

Sixty-year old Gaj Singh's words were too emotional. "Last time I attended a Congress ceremony was of Rajiv Gandhi. Now after years his son is here. The things he is saying are really different from others and they mean a lot to us. You can see yourself the number of people on the road, nothing needs to be said. I have never seen such a rally in Hapur in my lifetime", he said.

Rahul Gandhi reached Hapur after addressing a public meeting at Gangoh. The broad roads of Hapur were not enough for the crowds who had come there to see Rahul Gandhi. There was not a bit of space to stand and the cavalcade of Mr Gandhi moved at snails pace as he kept meeting and shaking hands with his supporters who had come from different places to have a look of his.

"We like him and we see our future in him. May be his party wins and he works for us", said Sahin. Similar were the feelings of Imran Farukh, "We see our future in him".

During his road show in Hapur he went to Freeganj Road, Railway road, Goel Compound, Garh Road, Puccabarh Garh Road, Laxmanpura Garhchungi road, Sikandar Gate, Madarsa Gopi Cold Storage, Purani Chungi Bulandshahr Raod, State bank Bulandshahr Raod and Bus Stand.

Earlier, addressing a public meeting at Gangoh, Mr Gandhi said, "We will work together to change the face of the state. We will together revive the lost glory of Uttar Pradesh and bring back the golden era. Uttar Pradesh will once again become a model for other states and they will again follow it and learn from it."

Although the mercury was quite high, residents of Gangoh defied the scorching Sun and waited for Mr. Gandhi in masses. The meeting venue was packed to its full strength and people kept on cheering Mr. Gandhi throughout the meeting.

"There was a time when Uttar Pradesh was the leader of the nation and the country looked up to it as a model state, be it the field of education, health or basic amenities. But the consecutive governments for the last 15 years have looted it. None of them ever bothered about the development of the state. All they did was they stopped the wheels of development in Uttar Pradesh. The same people are again trying to get back to the throne of Uttar Pradesh, they will again promise you with several goodies and will deliver none", he added.

"The only thing which is flourishing in the state is crime and lawlessness. If you want to change it come ahead, I am here with you. We together will change the situation. I will work with you", he reiterated.

After Gangoh and Hapur, Rahul Gandhi left for Dadri, from where he will further move to Jewar, Siana and Aligarh. He will be addressing public meetings at Jewar and Siana in the day.

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