Radio Frequency Wireless TV Headphones

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Wireless TV technology is the new ‘in’ thing among those who enjoy watching TV without having to deal with cables and wires. It is neater all around and it is also much cheaper for there is no need to pay extra to get to watch a different channel from a different TV. With this new technology there should also be great accessories like a wireless TV headphone.
One of the more popular choices is the radio frequency or RF wireless headphone. This can operate from 800 to 900 MHz but they can also operate on higher frequencies like 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. The RH wireless headphone is a great choice if there are a lot of walls within the home and if going from the TV room to the kitchen means walls.
The RH is quite different from the IR or infrared headphones. For one thing, the IR is a ‘line of sight’ gadget – meaning if there are walls the signal gets blocked and the headphones won’t work. The RH is not a line of sight gadget so no matter if there are walls, the signal can still get through. For transmission, the right and left stereo channels get modulated into one frequency by the transmitter and when it reaches the receiver it gets separated into the left and right.

Of course there is still the possibility of the signal getting lost or a weakening of the signal and there could be interference as well. The interference can be quite nasty if there are a lot of wireless devices within the home and the surrounding areas. It can get very bad if the neighbours are into a lot of wireless devices also. The worst would be if the headphone is operating on the same or similar frequency with another wireless device.
Water and metal can be considered obstacles which the RH may have a hard time with. The metal could be within the firewall, plumbing or duct works inside the walls. Strangely, because the body is also made up of a lot of water, it can also become an obstacle. Putting the headphones at the level of the head or somewhere higher up will easily solve the problem.

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