QWERTY or Touch? - What Would You Prefer?

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The world of cell phones has changed a lot. From the common 10 digit keypad to the QWERTY and the touch, you have options. What would you prefer?

With the enhancements of technology and changes in customer mindset, mobile phone manufacturers have been forced to bring phones with new features at regular intervals. Two of the major types of handsets that are commonly used today are touch phones and QWERTY cell phones. If you are thinking which type of handset would be right for you, read on to know more about both the types of cellphones.

Touch Phones are in their Nascent Stage:

Though all touch phones claim to be touch phones, they are not. Touch phones can be differentiated into semi touch phones and full touch phones. There are only some, high end phones that work with the kind of fluidity that is shown in the advertisements. In the other, cheaper phones, you may actually find it quite difficult to get to terms with the simplest UI possible. Therefore, you should make sure that you are ready to try a new UI that may or may not be simple for you to use.

QWERTY is the Mini Keyboard:

If you have been using the keyboard for a while, you should have no problem using a QWERTY mobile keypad. Of course, you will be at sea initially, but you will find it easier if you have been using the keyboard. One disadvantage is that a QWERTY keyboard has more keys than the common keypad of a cell phone and you may not be able to use it, if you have bigger and larger finger digits than other people.

Touch Phone Screens are quite expensive:

The screen of the touch phone would be very expensive, simply because it has a technology that has created a revolution in the mobile world. Of course, touch phone screens and touch phones themselves are quite strong and are as rag tag as any other phone, but if you ever come across a situation where you need to change your touch phone screen, you would be spending a pretty penny.

These are just some of the aspects you need to keep in mind when you are thinking whether you should go for a QWERTY phone or a touch phone. Also, you should

also remember that a cell phone is a personal accessory after all, and you should buy only that which will actually help you get done whatever you are looking to get done.

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