Quote roundup: Jobs, unemployment heavy on the minds of Michigan voters

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On Nov. 2, Michigan voters will elect a new governor, fill congressional seats and decide some local ballot issues. What do Michigan residents think are the major issues facing the state and

voters in this midterm election? Below are their responses to that question just days cheap supra shoes before the election.

"Jobs and unemployment are the biggest problems Michigan faces right now. People with Master's degrees are working at McDonald's and other low-paying jobs because they can't find

work in their fields. Many people have had to downgrade to survive. They aren't able to use the knowledge and skills they worked hard to earn." -- Abbey Gannon, college student and

leasing agent, Grand Haven

"Unemployment and the economy (are important). I think everyone across the board is looking for true change. Something different than politics as usual."-- Rose Perrier, homemaker,

Grand Haven

"The issues aren't local just to Michigan; we face problems with jobs and housing. I think Michigan's biggest problem is finding a new niche industry to keep people around and employed and

attracted to living here. The auto industry and manufacturing are not cutting it. We survived for more than a century on the auto industry, but not anymore." -- Thom Kinney, college student

and truck driver, Detroit

"The hard truth is, it's easier to manufacture overseas. Yet, we want good jobs and coach handbags

affordability. The era of cars is gone. Michigan needs to find a new niche in the economy. Companies on the cutting edge, can be created right here. We have the resources and technology,

use them." -- Nancy Lidel, owner of Goddess Herbals, Soap, Bath and Body, Ann Arbor

"Sustainability! Recycle, reuse, regenerate! Economy, jobs, foreclosure. Who in Congress is really working for me? More unemployment extensions, jobs for some of us who can't get hired

because we are too knowledgeable therefore too expensive. Who will get Michigan back on track?" Judy K. Mosterd, student and housewife, Holland

"I believe that the most common issue that voters will be taking into the booth with them on Nov. 2 will be job creation and retention. The most common point among the political platforms

of anyone running for office in Michigan right now is job creation and retention." -- L. Vincent Poupard, writer and former business/political consultant, Warren

"I think the main issue honestly is just trust. Michigan has no choice but to turn our economy around, but who can we really trust to do that?" -- Ellyse Birch, student, Spring Lake

"There is only one issue that really matters this year -- we care about jobs. When the jobs coach outlet come back everything else will

fall into place. I can tell you one thing, though, I am paying no attention to party lines. I am listening to what people are saying and I am throwing away the party labels. The race is too

confusing to me when party lines are drawn." -- Carol Charron, college student and marketing consultant, Grand Haven

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