Quick Tips On How To Draw A RealisticLooking Car

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If you enjoy drawing cars, and you are similar to me, you are fed up with the way your drawings of cars look and you wish to learn how to draw a car that is realistic looking. You want to be able to make the shadows look real, the tints look real, the tires look real and draw a car that appears as if it's just sitting there on the paper with the engine purring away.

Well, if I can do it, you can do it. I'm going to give you a few tips on how you can make this happen and hopefully you can start creating some realistic cars right away.

4 Quick Tips On How To Draw A Realistic-Looking Car...

1. Contrast: A great way to make your car look real is to use contrast. I mean contrast in terms of tone. To get the best results you need to have different pencils on hand. Trying to make a car look real with only one type of pencil just will not work. You need to be able to use dark tones, mid tones and highlights when you are learning how to draw a real car.

2. Shadows: Creating realistic shadows will take you a giant step closer to learning how to draw a real car. I'm not talking about a fuzzy shadow the car casts on the ground, but being able to project a shadow from a source light point and cast a very accurate shadow that plays all over the car and the ground surface. You can do this by projecting lines from a single point that you choose on your page and offsetting the line as it hits each and every point of your car. Do this right and you will have a realistic car growling at you right on your piece of paper!

3. Grids: The use of a grid will greatly enhance the accuracy of your drawings. Being able to work on your drawing while only focusing on one grid at a time gives you the ability to focus on all the intricate details of your car without being distracted. It also lets you compare the line ratios and the proportions of your drawing, so it won't end up looking out of alignment and loose.

4. Patience: This might seem like a bit of a cliche, but learning how to be patient and correct your mistakes on a drawing you think may be ruined is very important. If you give up on a drawing too soon because it looks bad, you are never going to learn how to draw a realistic-looking car and make it look good.

Doing all these steps takes practice and repetition. It is also helpful to have some focused instruction. Without someone to show you exactly how it's done, it can be hard to improve. But, going to art lessons can be expensive and time consuming. However, there is a guide I recommend that can really help you improve quickly.

If you're interested in a complete guide on how to draw cars, and some extra tips click here: how to draw a car. Enjoy yourself learning how to draw a car!

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