Quick and Hot Crab Soup & Cream of Scallop Soup Recipes

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Quick Crab Soup Recipe

A thick fish pulp soup, enriched with cream.

Serves: 8 portions

Ingredients for crab soup recipe:

1 large cooked crab
4 oz. long grain rice
2 pt. milk
1 oz. butter
salt, pepper and nutmeg
2 pt. chicken stock
1 teaspoon anchovy essence
5 fl oz. cream

Directions for crab soup recipe:

1. If you decide to try this crab soup recipe, just follow these guidelines. Place the rice, milk and butter in a pan, with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Bring to the boil and simmer until the rice is tender. Add the brown crab meat, setting the white meat from the claws aside. Rub the mixture through a sieve or blend it in a liquidiser. Return to the pan, add the chicken stock, anchovy essence and the white crab meat.

2. Adjust seasoning and stir in the cream; heat the soup through without boiling.

Cream Of Scallop Soup Recipe

Serves: 8 portions

The English version of Creme de Coquilles St. Jacques.

Ingredients for scallop soup:

24 scallops

4 pt. fish stock
salt and pepper
1 bay leaf
2 cloves
2 oz. finely chopped onions
2 oz. butter
2 oz. flour
1/2 pt. double cream
2 egg yolks

Directions for scallop soup:

1. Slide the scallops from the shells, remove the beards and chop the white meat and pink coral roughly. Put the meat and coral into a pan with the fish stock, salt and pepper, bay leaf, cloves and onions; simmer gently for 20 minutes.

2. Make a white roux from the butter and flour, and gradually stir in the strained scallop stock. Bring to the boil and correct seasoning.

3. Blend the cream and egg yolks, add to the soup and heat through without boiling. Stir in the diced scallop meat and coral just before serving. And that just about all there is with this scallop soup.

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