Quartz Halogen Lamp: One Of The Many Heating Instruments Manufactured By Anderson Thermal Devices

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Hawthorne, New Jersey is home to an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Infrared heaters and lamps for OEMs and End Users: Anderson Thermal Devices. Anderson Thermal serves clients world-wide with various high quality infrared heating products, as well as engineering, outstanding customer service, quick deliveries, and fair prices to the following industries:

Potovoltaic [solar panels]





Powder Coating


Green Technologies


Fuel Cells


Medical Devices


Paper, Film, Foil


Wire and Tubing

Laminating & Embossing

And many more

Prior to a purchase of their products, the professionals at Anderson Thermal will work with you to ensure that you acquire the most cost efficient, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly products that meet your requirements. They will keep you informed of the manufacturing process, as well as delivery schedules. Once you purchase your ideal heating products, Anderson Thermal's excellent customer service will remain in contact with you to address any needs or concerns.

What is Infrared Energy?

Infrared radiation and heating is a direct but non-contact process for heating objects. Energy is transmitted through electromagnetic radiation. With the use of this method, the object can absorb up to 91% of the radiated energy, which gets transformed into heat. Generally, full efficiency is achieved within one to three seconds. When compared to other methods of heat transfer, space requirements are considerably reduced. In using this method, applications are able to achieve faster line speeds, gain smaller footprint, lower energy consumption, precise temperature control, lower maintenance costs, and improved product quality. The engineers at Anderson Thermal will work with you to run tests in either your plant or at their facility.

Quartz Halogen Lamp

The Quartz Halogen Lamp is a shortwave infrared lamp manufactured and supplied by Anderson Thermal. Also known as "T3" and "T4" lamps, they utilize a low mass tungsten filament to provide a high temperature source that responds rapidly to voltage changes, thus allowing for precise control. The diameter of a T3 quartz halogen lamp is 3/8 inches; the diameter of a T4 quartz halogen lamp is inches. They are hermetically sealed and filled with an inert halogen gas.

Quartz Halogen Lamp Features

Every lamp is available with a white ceramic or gold reflector coating on the back to make them unidirectional, and the Ruby Red colored quartz lamps are available for filtering out most of the high intensity visible light. The quartz halogen lamp guarantees a fast heat-up response time, as well as Face Up, Face Down, or Vertical orientation options for multiple zones. The following are important statistics of the quartz halogen lamp:

Emitter Temperature 2200C [4000F]

Peak wavelength 1.15 Microns

Maximum Heated Length 58 inches for T3, 72 inches for T4

Watt Density 100 to 200 Watts per inch

Voltage 120 Volts to 600 Volts

Controls SCR with Pyrometer or Manual

Mounting Horizontal or Vertical

Zoning Can be easily wired in multiple zones

Heat Up and Cool Down Time 1 Second

What are the benefits of using quartz halogen lamps? Aside from the fact that they are suitable for many high speed applications and various types of line configurations, they are non-glare and unidirectional! For more information about Anderson Thermal's manufacturing or supplies, visit Andersonthermal.

Anderson Thermal serves clients world-wide with various high quality infrared heating products such as Quartz Halogen Lamps, Infrared Emitters etc. For more information on Quartz Halogen Lamps, please visit www.andersonthermal.com.

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