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Phruit Limited offers all businesses based in UK and offshore their quality services in Lead Generation, Hot Key Transfers, Data Cleansing, Telesales, Market Research and other Call Centre services. The company itself is located in Nottinghamshire and has services designed in such a manner that they meet the individual business needs of the clients. The company strives towards offering all its clients the best service possible in exchange of reasonable rates. It would be highly difficult to locate another company that offers the same services like Phruit and for such low rates.

Phruit's reputed Call Centre services

Listed in Phruit's Call Centre services are services like Lead Generation, Hot Key Transfers, Telesales, and Data Cleansing services.

The Lead Generation service rendered by the company is designed for working along with the clients, planning campaigns, that consists of specific questions that are aimed at the chosen demographics. This service helps all clients in getting reliable, detailed and very superior quality leads for taking their business forward, profiting immensely. The Hot Key Transfer service is actually an extension of the Lead Generation service; this service tells the clients that all the received sales calls are from the interested prospects. In this service, Phruit finishes the consumer survey and then passes the details of the prospects with their consent to the follow up team; here, the interest of the prospects are confirmed. At the final step, the prospect details are handed over to the sales team.

The Telesales service provided by the company increases revenue and also enhances the efficiency opportunities. The clients of Phruit are satisfied with the greater return on investment. Data Cleansing service is responsible for making your business and consumer database free from all the clutter and gets rid of all the wrong data, making it more updated and accurate.


Refresh is the name given to the Data Cleansing service Phruit Limited provide. These services have been devised to meet all your business needs and also for maintaining the integrity of your business and consumer database. This service helps the business clients to control the problems that occur in businesses, affecting the database, such as reduction in business costs and risks, making sure that all communications follow the latest regulations that govern the business and consumer communications, and also in improving business efficiency.

Market Research service

This service is an essential step towards Lead Generation. Lead Generation without Market Research is not possible. Collection of customer data has to be made through several channels, such as in street questionnaires, telephone surveys, focus groups, online surveys, as well as desk research or data analysis. Through quality Market Research, Phruit Limited helps their client improve their products and also helps them meet all business requirements. The company offers its clients information on which the major marketing and strategic decisions can be based. Clients are satisfied with the end product as they save a lot of money and also have a better knowledge on the issues and questions they might be faced with.

Phruit Limited is a Call Centre provider offering high quality services to meet all business issues. The solutions offered reveal the use of superior technology and years of experience.

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