Quality Photo to Canvas Prints - Are Cheap Prints A Smart Investment? The 3 Easiest Ways to Find Out

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Photo to canvas prints have become a superb way to show off your most liked digital pictures. With photo to canvas prints now getting to be more and more accessible, it is becoming even easier to pick one up at a competitive fee. But be wary, there are lots of "No frills" canvas print manufacturers now out there which distribute low quality photo to canvas prints that do not last and look unpleasant.

While selecting where to buy a canvas print, it is crucial to remember one thing. Quality is everything. It's possible you'll have the option to purchase a low quality canvas print for a exceptionally low price, but make sure that you know what you're really ordering. Quality canvas prints are on the market for an acceptable price, but it's essential to know what to watch out for.

Here are the three things to check when purchasing a quality canvas print.

1. What kind of ink is being used?

Will the supplier be using archival inks? These ultra-vibrant, U.V resistant inks are vital to a excellent quality, long-lasting finish. A lot of companies now make an effort to lower costs by using basic, compatible inks. These inks lack in print clarity and will easily lose colour when exposed to even small amounts of sun light.

2. What kind of wood is used to build the frame?

Will the business in question be using top quality pine stretcher bars? It is essential to remember that a number of providers can manufacture canvas prints very inexpensively, however the level of quality is nearly always very disappointing. The main reason behind this is that quite a few manufacturers attempt to save money by building their own one-piece frame in house. They achieve this by producing inexpensive, light raw wood frames which are usually either glued or stapled together. Always make sure that the service that you go with uses solid, four-piece, pine stretcher bar frames. These frames allow for the insertion of 4 small wooden or plastic stretching wedges. These wedges allow your canvas print to be re-tightened in the future, prolonging the life of your print. The surface of the canvas shrinks and stretches as the climate in the room changes, which causes the print to sag. Without having these stretching keys, this sagging is irreparable. These frames are usually also very weak and are prone to warping when the fabric is stretched to the correct rigidity.

3. Buyer testimonials

Always try to look out for good past customer testimonials before committing to buying a photo to canvas print. As soon as you visit an online business, remember to check the past customer testimonials page. If the company have a live review blog or an unedited way for visitors to provide feedback on their purchases, this is a sure indicator that the company can be trusted. If a manufacturer has large amounts of happy customers then they'll be happy to exhibit their feedback for everyone to see. If a review section can not be found... Ask yourself one question... What are they concealing?

These are all important questions that you really need to ask if you are in the market for a quality canvas print that is designed to last for years and years.

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One company worth mentioning when discussing Photo on canvas transfers and Canvas prints is Canvasking. They specialize in taking photographs, editing them and transferring them to canvas. Please visit them for more details.

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