Qualities of Preparatory Schools You Should Consider for Your Young Learner

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Investing in a good preparatory school is a significant step for your child's academic future. The investments a parent makes for their child’s early education can impact their child's readiness for college. It is important to review certain qualities of the preparatory school you are thinking of sending your child to. The following are some great guidelines to follow.

1. Student-teacher ratio
Preparatory schools vary according to its student-teacher ratio. Definitely, schools that have a small student population have an equally low student-teacher ratio. The benefit of having a low teacher student ratio is that every student can be given the attention and guidance they need. Especially for students who cannot easily catch up or understand topics discussed, having a teacher who can assist them individually and help them follow through can help them stay in the loop. At the end of the day, a teacher who handles a realistically small and manageable class can be more effective and focused than teachers who handle 40 plus students all at the same time.

2. Good track record
Having a preparatory school that has a high percentage of students who graduate definitely helps establish itself as an institution where students will likely succeed. This gives parents the assurance that their child can thrive in that particular school, and do well academically in the future. A preparatory school that has a good track record is always worth enrolling in.

3. Preparation for college
After preparatory schooling, students ultimately transition to college. That said, make sure that the preparatory school you are considering for your child can meet the educational goals you want your child to achieve. If the college your child is trying to get into has high expectations make sure that the preparatory school you are planning to enroll them in can literally and figuratively prepare your child for the qualifying exams and aptitude screenings he or she must take.

4. Religious Denomination
If your faith and religious views are strong, it is natural that you would want to enroll your child in a preparatory school that is faith centered. There are many schools for Catholics, Muslims, Methodists and Jews in cities around the country. Aside from the academic readiness and the aptitude for higher learning, faith-based schools can also inspire strong values for your child. If you are not particular about the religious denomination of schools, there are a handful of preparatory schools that respect all faiths as well.

5. Extracurricular activities
Scholastic growth that is holistic, is not only about the academics. It is about striking the balance between academic success and personal/social development bred through extracurricular involvement. Having a preparatory school that has a lot of opportunities for extracurricular involvement can definitely enhance the academic experience and growth of your child. With extracurricular involvement available in a preparatory school, students learn how to work with groups, how to take on leadership roles and how to widen their peer groups. Furthermore, students are able to express their personalities, their creativity and their passion, which they can carry with them as they grow older.

The effects of setting high qualities and expectations for your child's preparatory schooling not only influence them today but also for their scholastic future. As they say, what you sow today is what you will reap in the near future.

Bright Water School is one of the Seattle preparatory schools that offers a parent and child classes. Parents can meet other parents of young children, learn about early childhood development and engage the Waldorf approach.

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