Q & A with IZZY - Part 1 | 2 Guild Wars Guru

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Ten Ton Hammer: When do you think will be able to talk more about the PvP aspects of the game? Are there parts of the system that you would be able to share with our readers now?

Izzy: It's definitely something we are very focused. This demo was really more than anything about his first experience, and have decided not to make that first experience of PvP because in this way is much easier to show things.

But we are dedicated to making a very strong PvP Guild Wars 2.Member teams working on it, and definitely I am involved in all aspects of PvP, and is something we've focused a lot of energy. It is not an afterthought, and is not going to throw something slowly. From the moment of creation of guild wars 2 gold for sale, the PvP has been on the books and thought.

When are we going to talk about it? I do not know. There are lots of decisions behind it, and it all comes down to when you can have everything together visually and ready to put it out. But I play every day - is very funny and just keeps getting better.

Ten Ton Hammer: We've talked enough about the system features and sets of weapons. What do you think are other important aspects or fundamentals of combat that our readers want to know?

Izzy: I think one of the interesting things is that guild wars 2 gold is a very different game. There are a lot of action, and the fight has different rates. You have seen many videos out there, but there is more. In the demos here are really restrictive for people in the game, to play and get used to it. But there is much to this game.

This demo has a lot more to it than even what you were able to get to see. And we are working on PvP and all sorts of different aspects of the game. But what I really want people to know that there are difficult things in the game, there is PvP in the game, and there are many different aspects to it.

What is surprising about this company and this game and the combat system is that there is much potential, fun stuff, lots of activities. The combat system is very fluid. It's much more fun to shoot, there is combat-based positioning, and there are lots of interesting fun activities. I am very excited about this, and I think it's going to lead to something that is going to be fun. I can not wait until everyone can play.

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