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When we think of the word puzzles the thing that comes to the mind is complicated stuff. There are many puzzles games available all over the world for growing and

flourishing the minds of people. The puzzles are very helpful for the children when they play puzzles game provided to them it helps them grow the stronger mind and

develop into strong person with very strong and confident personality.

According to the survey scientists discovered by experimenting and analyzing the children by giving them a test of puzzle solving then they monitor them who and which

one is going to solve the puzzle and in what time the puzzle is solved. By the year of experiment they discovered that the child who solves the puzzle in given time

frame becomes very intelligent and very strong in their lives and they also have very strong ability of decision making. And those who failed to solve the puzzle

usually become dull and weak in decision making.

It is considered that whoever shall solve the puzzle will rule the world. Why rule the world because the problems in the life is just like puzzle game if someone is

master in puzzles Puzzles
solving can easily handle any kind of problem that stud in his/her paths. So it is advised that always provide puzzles games to your kids because by solving the

puzzle the kid can become very genius person in his/her life.
The puzzles are available every book shop now a days the hundreds and thousands of puzzles are available on internet which is the most convenient way. There are many

kinds of puzzlesPuzzles available on the internet the most common type of puzzles games are

jigsaw puzzles crossword puzzles and hidden object puzzles.
There are also several kind of logical puzzle available on net that can be provided to your kid for educational purpose the logical puzzles helps the kid in solving

logical and lite mathematical issues.
There are also many kinds of movies for kids on the puzzle so that it makes easier for children to watch and learn easily by the guideline provided on the movie. The

puzzle solving are also become very famous in the schools it is becoming like subject so that every kid under the age of 7 to solve it.

The puzzle not only helps kids to flourish their mind but there are many kinds of puzzles that are adult to solve. The most common type of puzzles for adult is

crossword this kind of puzzle helps the person in many ways like it grows the vocabulary and eliminates the spelling problems.
In many army or intelligence department they select people by giving them puzzles solving problem because it give them the IQ level of the person that how much he/she

is capable of doing the task and they give the job according to the IQ level of the person.
In my opinion any person is free and nothing to do than that person should not waste time and immediately start solving puzzles by puzzle game available on internet it

is educational, fun and very helpful strengthening the mind.

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