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I guarantee that any event my company attends is truly memorable! That's because we provide the people there with stunning photographs that will last for many years. We do Black tie Events, Charity Balls, School proms, Bar-Mitzvahs, and event really. And of course outdoor sproting events are a must, that's how we got known covering Cricket competitions.

I design a custom overlay for every event I attend which is added as I print. So when people look at the photos from the event they remember where and when it was. All the photographs we produce at an Event are put into either black or white mounts with silver trim, then bagged so customers can carry them home.

The photographs we produce on-site are really durable. We use a Mitsubishi Click system with a couple of different dye-sub printers that produce real photographs with a special layer to protect them from dust, fingerprints and more.

Much more actually, at each event I go to I take a shot at the start of the event and stand it rolled up in a pint of Coke! If anyone asks what it's for, I take the photo out, pat it dry and there are no runs, streaks or faded areas! Amazing really, try that with an ink-jet!

For themed events like Bond nights, Hollywood parties, School proms etc I design a backdrop relevant to the occasion. Then using the green screen as a backdrop whoever is operating the touch screen system can quickly drag this onto the photo and the green is replaced with the backdrop. You can see examples here.

We also have a High-Key white backdrop which has it's own lighting for School Proms and Fashion Events. This acts as a softbox and really lights the hair and outfits of guests well, with of course no shadows. Then when the rush is over, we can slip a green screen over it and shoot low-key with special effects. No-one else does this.

Full Frame Event Photography is one of the party and event companies in the UK. Visit the website to learn more about Event Photographers.

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