Put Sexy Back in Your Makeup Collection with These Tips

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Women often have two makeup looks in their makeup collection. The first is for the office. It's perfect for daytime.

And one for night - the smoky-eyed look that consists of dark pencil, maybe a little sparkle and lipstick meant for creating a serious pout. This is the look we women hope says "buy me a drink" or...well, just use your imagination on what else it might say!

If you're struggling with the second one or you're looking for some tips on how to make your nighttime look even hotter, here are some tips to help you put the sexy back in your makeup collection!

Invest in a set of false eyelashes. Nothing creates a "come hither" look like big, bold, check-me-out lashes. The trouble is, they're almost impossible to get with just mascara.

The secret is falsies. Find a set at your local makeup store and practice putting them on before you commit to wearing them all night. With a little adhesive, they make for an instantly sexy addition to your makeup collection.

Prep your own lashes with a bit of mascara before putting them on and be sure to carry extra adhesive with you in your evening bag. You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes off yourself!

Plump up the volume. We all know why Angelina Jolie is so intriguing: it's those pouty lips! Thanks to lip plumpers, though, you don't have to be Angie to get the pillow-lipped look.

A good lip plumper will also make a solidly sexy addition to your makeup collection. Most contain cayenne pepper and give lips a tingly feeling that temporarily makes them swell.

Higher-end makeup retailers carry a variety of these stingers, but again, try before you commit. While they look great, you may not like the sensation these are known to cause.

Get all misty eyed. The smoky eye is about as standard to most dance halls as cheesy pickup lines and watered-down drinks. Give yours an unexpected twist by combining colors other than just grey and black. Try a deep chocolate brown or a bold, velvety plum instead.

You can re-use the colors to complement other parts of your makeup collection and you'll add just a hint of intrigue to a pretty standard look. Combine with the falsies and enjoy watching your man's head turn.


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