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Every day sees the release of a new devices and gizmos that let you watch internet on your big screen tv. From Netflix and Amazon on-demand movies and tv shows to youtube videos via a piece of hardware. There are a never ending supply of set-top boxes, Blu-ray disc players, time shift devices that all have inbuilt software for accessing content from the internet. The thing missing from these devices though, has been the fact that the online content you can watch is limited. You cannot just browse any site and have it displayed on the big screen.

Netgear Wireless PC to TV
This though is about to all change. Intel's next-generation notebook CPUs which were announced at the consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, are so powerful they can compress the contents of a PC display on the fly and stream it wirelessly to a Netgear set-top box, the Push2TV will connect to your tv via HDMI/component cables.
This should avoid all the existing problems such as logging in, drm issues and other complications that occur when bypassing PCs completely. If the technology works as advertised, you should be able to watch any content that you can watch on your monitor or notebook display on your television.

Netflix the popular dvd by mail order company are further cementing their leading position in the internet movies on demand arena. They announced at the CES that they have reached an agreement with five partners to manufacture Netflix-ready devices this year. They include Funai, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp and Toshiba. The companies will produce Netflix ready televisions and Blu-ray players ready to stream movies and TV shows.

Netflix Devices Expanding
Netflix now have a very strong foothold in the market and offer a monthly service for $8.99 which allows users to view unlimited Netflix streams to Netflix-ready devices, which are increasing all the time. Existing Netflix players include Blu-ray disc players from LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony and Insignia. As well as featuring on top game consoles from Sony and Microsoft.
Netflix also revealed an agreement with Warner Bros to make new releases available to Netflix members after a 28 day window on new releases. The window is intended to boost dvd sales as the first month is the main buying time on a new release.

It is bad news for rival dvd giant Blockbuster who were close to bankruptcy last year, on the back of closing down 545 locations in 2008. The company also said in September it could close a total of up to 960 stores by the end of 2010.
Blockbuster have been trying to compete with Netflix using DVD rental service - ‘Total Access'. This however is not doing very well, so they are trying to compete at the lower end by offering movies for $1 per night a la Redbox.

The hit movie ‘Avatar' has whetted the publics appetite for 3D. So much so that a new revolutionary television will change the way we watch tv by the end of 2010. The Samsung 3D television which is the width of an iPhone offers similar effects to movies like Christmas Carol, Avatar and other 3d movies that are packing people in the cinema.

Get Really Into The Action
The new generation of ultra-thin LCD TV's will cost up to $4000 and require the user to wear a new style 3D glasses - gone are the red and blue sweetwrapper specs in favor of hi-tec models. Development of the tv was aided by film giant Dreamworks who are releasing a 3d blu-ray version of Monsters v Aliens, which was four years in the making.
The televisions will also be internet enabled, allowing downloads of internet tv content. Manufacturers Sony and Toshiba also plan on releasing hi-tec 3d television sets this year and join a list of companies getting in on the 3d revolution. Satellite broadcaster, Sky TV hope to launch a dedicated 3d channel this year.
Lets hope they get the 3d effect right as opposed to getting a headache and red/blue flashes before your eyes. Reports say that the new style 3d is astounding and a million times better.

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