Publishing for the Kindle Store - How to Get Started With Kindle Publishing Fast

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Would you like to get published but find the process far too daunting? Fear not. Kindle publishing has made getting published on Kindle a lot easier than you think. Here are five reasons why.

Here are 5 reasons why publishing for Kindle is not as hard as you may think:

1) Your Kindle book doesn't have to very long

One of the most intimidating aspects of publishing a book is the idea that a book needs to have a lot of pages. And in the world of publishing physical books, there really is a certain minimum number of pages you need to write.

However, Kindle books come in a range of different sizes and accompanying price ranges. As long as you provide value and deliver on the promise you made in the title and the description, and as long as your book is priced appropriately, you can get away with surprisingly short books.

For example, if you promise a simply solution to a burning problem and price the book at the 99 cents level, you won't have to write more than about five pages or so. You must deliver the solution you promised, of course.

2) Kindle books have a small format

If you take a look at a Kindle, you'll see that it's fairly small. That's one of the reasons it's so handy and portable.

It's also a terrific advantage: Once you adjust the format to the Kindle's smaller size, your content will expand to many more pages than if the pages had to be in a larger format.

As you prepare your content for the Kindle, reformat it for an A-5 format, which is significantly smaller than the regular A-4 format or the 8 by 11 format we're used to when we type up documents.

Take a look at how many pages your material covers already, and I'm sure you'll be happily surprised.

3) You probably already have plenty of content

If you've been writing articles on your topic, you may already have all the information you need to be able to assemble a Kindle book, especially since you are able to reduce the page size to that smaller Kindle format.

Just take a look at your articles and pick a few about your target subject.

Next, order them into a logical sequence. If you need more content, just write another article or three to fill in whatever gaps you may have. And of course you'll want to add an introduction and a conclusion. And that may be all it takes.

You could even make your content stretch to cover more pages simply by adding some pictures.

4) Amazon makes publishing for Kindle easy

Finally, once you have assembled your book, it's time to submit it to Amazon Kindle publishing platform. And while that step may feel potentially intimidating, it's not as hard as you may think. Amazon wants you to get published. They need more kindle books in their store, so they made it very easy for you to add yours.

Most people don't realize that the Kindle publishing platform lets you submit your book as a simple Word document. If you prefer, you can also submit it as a PDF document. No matter which way you look at it, Kindle publishing is not as hard as it may seem at first.


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