PSP, Getting Started With ASIS Physical Security

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PSP, ASIS Physical Security Professional certification exam, designed for the experts that have wide knowledge and relative skills to understand the concepts of the physical security which is very authentic and requires a lot of expertise to gain the advanced level certification status.

PSP, ASIS Physical Security Professional exam covers three main domains in different categories that are titled as Physical Security Assessment covering thirty three percent, Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems covering thirty eight percent and Implementation of Physical Security Measures covering twenty nine percent.

PSP, ASIS Physical Security Professional certification exam first main details goes down to Physical Security Assessment that consists of nature and types of asset, Valuing various types of assets, terminology related to assets, value, loss impact and criticality, Core functions of the place, Current security programs and security management of the place process the threats so that the scope of the problem can be determined by categories, and types of threats, environmental types and severity such as cultural, Demographics, business operations of various types of places or processes, organizations and their potential impact on facility's security program, external factors and their impact of the facility's security program, Security survey techniques, plans, drawings and schematics, Nature and types of data, Existing equipment, physical security systems, personnel, and procedures, Fault tolerance ability of a system to withstand failure, Applicable standards/regulations/codes, conditions that impact the security level of the place or process.

The applicants for PSP, ASIS Physical Security Professional also study about the Risk analyses strategies and methods, Risk management principle, Methods for analysis and interpretation of collected data, Threat and vulnerability identification, Loss event profile analyses, evaluating criticality and probability, countermeasures related to specific threats, Cost benefit analysis, total cost of ownership and the Legal issues countermeasures/security applications.

PSP, ASIS Physical Security Professional exam next topic is Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems that helps in giving the necessary topics of budget, cost, technical capability, systems design capacities and limitations; materials, equipment and system compatibility, Applicability of risk analysis results, Relevant security terminology and concepts, Applicable codes, standards and guidelines, Methods of setting priorities, Types of security measures, Functional requirements, Performance requirements, Commissioning requirements, Success metrics, fencing, doors, gates, beams, bollards, barriers, Security Lighting, Biometrics and credentials, Duress systems, Target hardening, blast mitigation, strategies, ballistic protection, Access control, Intrusion detection applications, Analog closed circuit television, cameras, control, recording, storage devices, Personnel, package, and vehicle screening, Emergency notification systems, Security computer systems, Principles of data storage and management, Principles of network infrastructure and network security, Security audio communications, Systems monitoring, display and supervision types, Systems redundancy alternative power sources, Signal and data transmission methods, Equipment and system maintenance requirements, System operations manpower requirements and the task to Identity management (PII).

Also included for the learning are, Design phases such documents and cutover plan, Design elements for example submittals, Construction specification standards, Systems integration, Project management strategy, Scheduling such as Gantt charts, PERT charts, milestones, Cost estimates and cost-benefit analysis, Value engineering, Passive and active designs and Major report elements.

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